Versatility is my way of thinking when it comes to dressing.  And most of the time I’m going from one place to the other, whether that’s work to school, school to an event, or an event to another event.  So with my hectic schedule, I need to be able to turn my outfit on and off, and change from a casual, trendy ensemble to something chic and sexy.



The key to turning any day look into something to wear at night is having a staple piece.  For example, let’s use this black and red flannel shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch and use it as our staple piece.  On the left, we have a very fall inspired outfit that is perfect for a day of errands, brunch with the girls, or even for an afternoon of shopping.  The flannel here is used for its intended purpose, a shirt.  Now to your right, our flannel shirt is used around the waist as an accessory, and is seen in this evening look I’ve actually sported before.  Trust me, on a breezing night downtown going to the hookah bar, it’s a perfect outfit that turns heads in more ways than one.



A few more simple tips for turning a day look into an evening look is:


  • Have a staple piece

  • Keep the color scheme similar for easy transition

  • Sometimes it’s as simple as changing shoes, hand bags, or accessories, don’t over think it!


Have some tips on how to transition from day to night?  Comment below and let us know!