The weather in London is a bit gray and dreary, but the fashion scene is anything but. While, Paris and New York is filled with head to toe monotone colours, London is the complete opposite. Every year London show the most unique street style during fashion month (although, in my opinion, I find that the fashion styles are a bit more tame this season), there are still some sleek, chic and fabulous styles all around town this month! In this week’s blog post, we will be looking at some of the most unique and jaw-dropping outfits on the streets of London. Hope you all enjoy it!

I am loving the style of the three-quarter sleeved jacket with underneath layers. I have always though three-question sleeved jackets are super awkward to wear, especially in Winter, it's like it keeps you semi-warm and kind of takes out the purpose of a jacket. So I got to admire the extra-long layering to making this simple chic jacket work!




I see nothing but Gucci. Head to toe is nothing but new Gucci. Have you checked out the new Gucci line – I’m in LOVE. Their runway was the most controversial runaway show of the season - hands down. Their refined styles are to die for, and as Paula Goldsetein mentioned on Refinery 29, "Fashion is not about resting on one’s laurels, knowing your handbags will keep selling season after season because you have an established brand."!

 mage :


The unique oversize suite is such an interesting look, I got to say. Something about this put together really interest me. I don’t know if it’s something I would try to pull off, but the way she matched the denim with the blue oversize dress shirt and blazer create a bold, yet subtle look. And, we can’t not look at her shoes, those wedges totally complete the look! (Image:






White on white plus a fur coat, need I say more? This screams chic and sophisticated all in one. The black outline of the outerwear and the bottom of the pants definitely shapes the outfit very well. Although this is one of the more simple looks amongst other, I got to say, the way she matched it up with her bag, sunglasses, shoes and the jacket, easily makes this a 4.5/5 outfit.  (Image :


 More Gucci please. These shoes are so perfect. (Image:


Here are a few of my top favourite outfits from London’s street style 2016. I could even see myself putting together a few of these outfits too!



Check these few out for some fashion inspiration:




Told you London is all about the colourful and unique looks. There is nowhere else where you can find a map on a dress and a chic green robe on the same street. Hope you all got some great inspiration!