Products That Were Worth the Hype

Disappointment sucks, so in today’s blog post I will save you the glory of going through the disappointment and get right to the products that were hyped and it is actually worth the hype. I get most disappointed through hypes in restaurants or new dessert place. There is this cheesecake café in Downtown, Toronto call Uncle Tetsu (s/o to those in Toronto, you probably know what I am talking about). When it first opened up, for over half a year, people would line up to get one… but even if you read on Yelp, the reviews are nothing more than average. At one point a local who had a perfect view of the line even started a Twitter page dedicated to reporting the length of the line ( I ended up trying it, def not worth my time and $15. So lesson learnt, reviews on the internet is (sometimes) or in the case, very true. So without further ado, here are the products I promise you won’t be disappointed with.

Better than Sex Mascara by Too Faced: I have bought this mascara maybe 13 times. The price, well although it's no drugstore price, almost triple that, the result is no where close to the other mascaras. The want of the brush is unique and with no more than two coats I get the full length, volume and boldness of false-looking lashes. I promise you, it makes your lashes SO define. The formula isn't too wet; the consistency is so perfect in a brand new tube (I love starting a new tube mascaras). TIP: since the brush is hourglass like, it is important to wipe the edge off the tube to ensure that no clumping is to occur.


Image Courtesy of Makeup Original  | via 

BeautyBlender: If you don't have one at home, you are seriously missing out. Don't doubt this size of this thing, it creates magically things. Here is the thing, I have tried knock-offs or different brands of similar looking sponge for blending, nothing compares to the real thing. This is because the BeautyBlender has a sharer pointed to making it easier to reach every angle of the face (I'm talking about parts like the inner corner of the eye). Don't think of it as a $20 sponge, think $20 do-it-all for smooth blending. TIP: keep it in a contained box when not using it will make cleaning easier.

Image Courtesy of InStyle | via 

I got my first Clarisonic a year and half back, a few months later, I got the whole family Clarisonic. I recently upgraded to the Clarisonic Smart Profile and it is the best thing that my skin has ever touched. I use the original head it comes with and there is the most improvement on my t-zone. The brush does a great job with buffing away the dry skin and getting rid of the excessive oil throughout the day. It really does help with clogged pores and moderate acne. Cheers to soft clear skin.

Image Courtesy of DreamTheMoment | via 

Urban Decay Naked Palette, it has been hype for way too long. And it is worth it. The twelve colours of pigment start you off with a great base and ends you with the perfect blend. The pigments are all so complementary. The is perfect for highlighting the crease, creating the perfect glow of shimmer. The dual end brushes that comes along with it is perfect for blending and the details. TIP: use it right with primer and it will last you all day long - true UD style.

One more to close the blog post off, is the Smashbox Photofinishing Primer. This product has been hyped but not super hype, but fairly well known. And it is the bomb. It gives a perfect matte start to the face. It leaves your face super soft and smooth. None of that glossy, oily stuff. Keep away from the Smashbox Primer Oil thing, that product literally does the complete opposite of this – blog post on product NOT worth the hype is soon to come!

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August 29, 2016 — AN Commerce

5 Minute Office Eye Makeup

We all dread early work mornings. I personally would do anything to work from home than at the office. Why? Because I can sleep in for an extra hour before getting on the computer and start working. I also would have the option not to even get out of bed and work in bed. No make-up, no choosing outfit, I could look like a total mess but still get my work done!

Sadly, looking your best is part of your office duties and responsibilities. In other words, you need your makeup to cover your eye bags so it doesn’t look like you were up all night. Today’s blog post will give you some quick tips and tricks to get your eyes done in less than five minutes. So instead of taking 20 minutes on your eye makeup, you can snooze for another 15 minutes!




Today’s quick tutorial won’t be messy, difficult, or time-consuming, so no more excuses for no eye makeup!


So first, a cream shadow pencil will be your new bff. No one has time to blend powder eye-shadow in the morning. If you screw up the pigment while blending and mixing, you are back to square one. With a cream shadow pencil it gives a strong pigment. If you go with a darker neutral color, like dark grey or dark brown, you can use it as a primer shadow or liner. It is also super easy to use, just make it bold. Unlike a fine tip liner, where you have to be precise, you can just go all out with this. Just draw a wide stroke on the upper lash line. Then with a soft eye-shadow brush blend it just above the socket. Repeat if you want it bolder and more intense.

A good tip is to have qtips around for an easy clean up if you do end up making a mistake. This will also help freshen and lighten if needed.

A curler and mascara go a long way in the morning. A curler helps open your eyes and lifts the upper lashes. Make sure you have a curler that has a cushion pad, and spring, this way your lashes won’t crimp or bend.

If you are feeling a bit more special that day, give your eyes a bolder look with a tip liner. You can transfer your look to a cat eye with a wing. This creates an intense definition and soften the lids by hooding the eye.


A few products that go a long way and worth investing in are:

  • Colour correcting primer for under the eyes, this will help make discoloration disappear and brighten the eye area
  • Foundation for under the eye, which will help with more precise coverage
  • Using foundation with spf is great, and works well for the lips too because it will help make the lip colour stay longer
  • A light dash of bronzer or blush could give some colour and definition in the face
July 07, 2016 — Alex Judge

10 Must Have Products via GenBeauty

Last weekend I was at Generation Beauty in Toronto. Check out my last blog post to learn more about what GenBeauty is!

So today’s blog post I want to do an event recap. One of the biggest goal of this event is learning new makeup tricks and tips, as well as, trying new makeup products. The past week I had so much fun trying all the new goodies I got from GenBeauty and I will be sharing the top ten must-have products.

This event is perfect for all makeup lovers, the passion and energy in the venue was overwhelming. Each booth had energetic professional makeup artists and I learned so many tips and product recommendations from them.


The lines are long, long and long. So when you register, you get a pass along with a passport of tickets.

Each booth has ticket, you have to line up to redeem them. The wait time for each booth was at least 15 minutes. I definitely do recommend going with a friend, to help each other redeem samples. I did overhear some people not being able to redeem their sample because the event was over. It is extremely important to arrive on time for both days. The lines for the bigger brands like Makeup Forever, Too Faced, Tarte, was all around an hour to two hour wait time. I find it kind of unfortunate for those who did not receive their Makeup Forever samples because they closed the line for the day. Their makeup sample was around $100 value. There were a few full-size samples which are amazing. So when picking the booths to line up for, you got to choose wisely. Fortunately, I was able to pick up all my samples. (IMAGE:







So, here are my top 10 samples that I would definitely buy again.

  1. This is my new favorite product discovered at GenBeauty, the new (I am not sure how new it is, but I think it’s new?) Smashbox X-RATED Mascara. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I might replacing my Better than Sex by Too Faced for this one. I was able to snag two mini samples, and I am waiting for my paycheck to come in, so I can pick up a full size at Sephora. The brush of the mascara help separate my lashes so well. It kind of reminds me of LancomeHypnose Drama brush. The Lancome one retails for $33, the Smashbox retails for $25, based on Sephora prices. My lashes are pretty thin, so the length and volume is on point with this mascara. It is also a very lightweight mascara which gives me the perfect natural look. (IMAGE:


  1. I am proud to say I was at the Too Faced Born this Way Concealer launch, woot!! The Born this Way concealer is available June 15th and I got my hands on a full size in the shade light. The ambassadors at the Too Faced booth was explaining how there are a great deal of skincare benefits added in this concealer. It is made from coconut water, alpine rose and hyaluronic acid – all gives your face a boost. I find that the coverage is a great, a small amount goes a long way. I think I am more excited about being one of the first to get my hands on this than using the product! But, it is a Too Faced product, and like I have never gone wrong with a Too Faced product, so need I say more?  Check out how cute the Too Faced booth was! We were also given these cute heart wooden chip to play a game with to win more samples!





  1. Cakebeauty was a booth at GenBeauty. It was my first time trying out their brand, but I am liking it so far. Cakebeauty is a cruelty-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, plus it is made in Canada. They have a few product line, I was lucky enough to try two from their Delectable by Cake Beauty line. The first product I tried and love is their Vanilla and Cream triple moisture body lotion. My hands are super dry, so I have been mainly using this for my hands. It indulge softness for sure, the minute I put the lotion on, I can already feel the richness and smoothness. And, what’s evenbetter is that it smells sooo good. It is also good to know that their products are natural ingredient-driven and gmo-free.


  1. The second product my Cake Beauty I am very eager to continue using is the Delectable Everything Balm. This was a mini sample I redeemed from my ticket. The ambassadors at the Cake Beauty booth explained how there are more than 21 innovation uses for this product. A few uses that caught my attention includes: brighten dark circles, tame brows, pops cheekbones, reduce itchiness, plumps pouts, and enhance growth in eyelashes. On their website, it says that the main ingredient is natural castor oil, it is known to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, encourage hair, brow, lash strength and growth. The product is stimulated with shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter and sunflower seed oil. I have been applying this to my lash line for the past three days, I haven’t seen a change yet, but I will be using it the new few weeks. Fingers crossed that it works!


  1. The Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer made it to my list. I have used this product before via a sample size and it worked great. I am more of a powder bronzer person. But for those who like a liquid bronzer, this one applies on very smoothly. It has a soft-matte finish and blends seamlessly. It also smells soo good. This was the Benefit booth!


  1. Make Up Forever!! Their Aqua XL eye pencil is the bomb. Make Up Forever teamed up with Charli XCX and created the Aqua XL eye pencil line. So during genbeauty, the booth ambassadors used the XL eye pencils and drew a small picture on our hands. It stayed there all day. I washed my hands, it didn’t come off. Rubbed it on everything, didn’t smudge, it didn’t rub off. It I amazing. Even with soap, it took a good scrub. This formula is amazing, the colour is rich and it glides on super smooth. It works well as a tight line or as a smudge. Make Up For Ever had a snapchat filter!!




  1. Pur~lisse beauty is a new company I learned from this event. They are beauty through Asian wisdom with modern philosophy. I met Jennifer Yen, the owner of Pur~lisse, she is such a sweetheart. She explained how the products are natural and through a formula passed down from her family. The products are a bit more expensive than what I would usually spend. I got a mini sample of their eye serum which helps with dryness and dark spot. I also picked up the blue lotus + seaweed sheet mask that I look forward to trying next week.


  1. Another new brand I tried out this weekend is Rock your Hair. I met the owner, Michael O’Rourke and he was introducing a few of his products. One of the product I tried and got a sample of is their Spray it Hard hairspray. This hairspray is unique because it dries quick and when it dries, it it weightless. It doesn’t stick or tangle. I got a first-hand experience with spraying the hairspray directly on to my hand, and it doesn’t feel like anything. It holds curls and volume great. It also leaves the hair smooth and shiny. These are sold for $25 for two, so the price is pretty average.


  1. This is a product I have tried before, and I got a sample from GenBeauty – the photo finish primer by Smashbox. Always a classic favourite. Does the job super well, leave my face with a smooth matte base and leaves zero sign of shine.


  1. Lastly, Luxie Beauty was there. I got a sample of their 680 pro precision brush. Their brush collection was very soft, and this particular brush gives a great control when applying cream products. Their brushes are pink, so it is super cute. I personally already have a great set of makeup brushes, but these were very popular amongst other, the line to purchase their brushes was long!


Check out all the samples given out this event!! (IMAGE:


May 31, 2016 — Alex Judge

Your St. Patrick's Day Makeup Guide

There are so many holidays around the corner, one of the greener one is St Patty’s Day!! Here at my college, there are so many festivity and spirit going on – it is definitely the time of the year to grab a few beers with your friends. Of course, on a special day like such, it is very important that you go for a vibrant bold and green look. But it is important to keep in mind that green is an interesting color, it has to be used subtlety to not over-do the look.


This is one of the more vibrant look created by one of my favorite makeup artist Marelena, the CEO of Makeup Geek. You can find her tutorial here: this exotic look has the perfect touch with the cute little follower jewel on the corner of the eye. Her overall makeup look is so vibrant, but it is the eyes that draws the attention to this look, giving it an overall true Irish spirit! She used a blend of pure white, chartreuse, landscape green and carbon pigment – such a gorgeous blend!

Keeping it classy on St. Patrick’s Day with Kate Middleton’s inspired natural beauty look. This was seen last in 2014’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Since she was already head to toe green, she stayed away from the green eyeshadow – good thinking, Kate! The Duchess kept her bright eyes with a bit of a natural glow instead. This is how she did it: using a black eyeliner, outline the upper and lower lashes. Then apply a couple coats of mascara to get wide-eyed look Kate got going on. Then dust some blusher along the contour of your cheeks for a rosy flow. Finally, apply some pink lip gloss for a pretty pout. It is a fresh faced beauty look, that can be used for not just St. Patty’s but all Spring long. One more thing, if you really insist of adding a bit of green eyeshadow or a bit of color of some sort, try a turquoise light blue instead of green. The thing with wearing all green AND  green eyeshadow is a bit of a bolder look for all to pull off.



This one is super gorgeous! It’s the green halo eyeshadow, it gives off a bit of a glam and sparkle! The halo effect trend is all around these days. According to, Chelle on Makeup your Mind, it boils down the dark shadow applied to the inner and outer corners of the yes and lower lash line, with a brighter color in the middle. It really help brings out the eye color too!

Here is the eyes tutorial:

First apply Maybelline‘s Color Tattoo in Mossy Green to the outer and inner corners of my lid. Then layer MAC‘s Greensmoke on top of the Color Tattoo and blended through the crease to connect the sides. Be sure to leave a blank spot in the middle of your lid.

On the middle of the lid apply MAC‘s Bio Green and blend it out intoGreensmoke.

Apply the same shades to the lower lash line, and run Urban Decay‘s Black Velvet liner along my lower lash line. Then, apply mascara.

Check out the full tutorial by Chelle on Makeup your Mind


Another way to add a bit of green to the eyes, is by using a matte green eyeshadow. One of my favorite matte product is by Make Up Forever. Again, with the green, because it is such a brilliant and bright color, mix the green with a light color, such as yellow. This look will help elevate the bold lashes and black liner.


I hope you picked up a few tips and tricks! Remember not to over-do it! But at the same time, go a bit bolder than you would usually take on! Happy St Patrick’s Day!

March 15, 2016 — Alex Judge

The Blush & Lipstick Combos to Wear This Easter!

It is very important to have the perfect combination of lipstick and blush. Coordinating makeup colors will make you look more radiant and can really enhance your natural beauty! When you use them together correctly, these products create a flushed, healthy, beautiful and brighter look. The easiest way to find a combination that works, is to stick with colors from the same base family, without being too matchy. It is important that you use the same undertone color. Let’s explore a few combinations that works very well together!

Combination one

Photography and makeup by Dallas Curow; Model Angelika/The Rock Agency


This look is very soft and feminine. The cheeks are defined with a feather light color, and the lip shade is a delicate pink. Both have a bit of a blue undertone, so they don't overpower each other.

If you are using a neutral or nude tone lipstick, a coral or peach blush really works great with it. Applying a few extra coats to create a heavier color can really kick your look up a knotch.

If you are using a bright red lipstick, bronzer or a browner blush shade, like MAC margin blush works best. If you do, apply a deep red blush, but keep it soft, because most of the color should be directed to the lips.

Leighton Meester is one of my favourite actors, but her makeup in this picture - not so much. Notice how her lips are red, buy her eye shadow is purple, those two are not complementing colors. Also, more than two colors on the face is also something to not do.


Here are some pre-set color combinations that works greats together courtesy of MehakShahani

Purple Eyeshadow, Peachy Blush, Peachy nude lips or with a soft pink blush/lipstick combination

Dark green eyeshadow, Earthy Blush, Earthy nude lips

Black liner, Red lips, Pinkish red blush

Gold eyeshadow and pretty much anything

Vibrant Blue eyeshadow and nude lips or soft peach lips (something in the orange color family)

Black eyeshadow and peach/ nude lips

No eyeshadow, hot pink lips.


Overall, it is so important to emphasize that pairing lips and cheeks color is all about staying within the same end of the color spectrum. If the lip color is a cool color, stick with a cool blush, and if you are trying out a warm peachy lipstick, a blush with a warm undertone would work great. Sometimes, if you are going for a heavy bold red lipstick, it's not necessary to add blush, a bit of bronzer is more than enough to brighten and define your cheeks.

March 08, 2016 — Alex Judge

Our Favorite Makeup Looks From NYFW

Oh, New York Fashion Week, the best time of the year. All my social media outlets are filled with this year' hottest models and biggest trends. I am still gushing over Marc Jacobs' line - it is to die for! A few of my favourites includes: Diane Von Furstenberg, Victoria Beckham, Givenchy, KasiaStruss and Michael Kors! Aside from the astonishing pieces featured, the model’s makeup looks never disappoint. Keep reading this blog post to discover the boldest lip looks, the glam and glitter and most unexpected nail fads.

Blue Eye Makeup: Hugo Boss, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and BibhuMohapatra nailed the blue eye makeup. The makeup artists embraced the cerulean hue, inspired by Picasso in his blue period. Even Marc Jacobs featured a cobalt cream smeared across the lids for a grungy effect.(Image:


The Glitter: I can never get over gold glitter, like that sparkle and glam. Oversized paillettes, jewels, lace, pearl - it's everywhere. A quick smatter of sparkles was applied across eyes and the nose bridge at Baja East's line. At Sally LaPointe, the bedazzling of silver sequins at the tail of the brows made it so much bolder.And of course, Marc Jacobs’s twinkling painted finger waves – in love! A touch of sparkle is destined to make you shine.(Image:



Bright Bold Lips: I def saw this one coming. As Elle Magazine would say "Let your lips do all the talking in vibrant shades of crimson, pink, orange, and oxblood". Bold lips never fail to impress. Tip: to keep your lips fresh and young, scrubbed your lip for dry skin before applying your lip stick. For the perfect pout, use lip liner to keep it in shape.(Image:

Gothic Glamour: The gothy look is also making a comeback. As vogue mentioned, “When Gigi Hadid stomped down Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma runway sporting a matte-black pout, she sparked a newfound yen for dark lipstick that carried over to the rouge-noir stains at Rodarte". The black matte lipstick though, it's so on point!(Image:

Graphic Black Eyes: Bold eyeliner seems to always been in trend during fashion week. Oscar de la Renta and Public School focused on a punkish lid and polish black wing, using an opaque smudge of obsidian was the unanimous makeup statement.(Image:

February 23, 2016 — Alex Judge

The Ultimate Spring Makeup Guide

Spring is almost here. I am super excited, no more cold breeze, snow, negative weather, what are you looking most forward to this Spring? I am definitely looking forward to the warmer weather and the sun! A new season also calls for a new everyday beauty routine. In Canada, I personally find that in the Winter, my skin is more dry and easily irritated. However, in the Spring, it can get a bit more oily. In today's blog post, I will be going over ten beauty tips that will get your Spring look rocking.

So, open up your makeup drawer and ditch the dark makeup hues and swap it for lighter, brighter and cooler colours. 

Tip #1: Bright Lips - Bring out your entire bright lip colours collection. This spring, why not try giving your traditional lipstick a fresh look by hinting a dash of hot pink to it. It won't be noticeable from a far, but when you get close up and personal, it looks super cute. (Image:

Tip #2: Keep the glow going - blush all year round is definitely a go. But for spring switch out the darker shades for the bright coral shades. Aim for a dewy complexion but highlighting the cheekbones - it'll give a good lift. One of my favourite products is the Tarte blush & glow brightening luminizer and cheek tint in peach; it really works for both a day and night time use. It blends very easily and the complimentary cream blush on the end was silky smooth and not at all sticky. I am also addicted to the watt's up! cream highlighter by Benefit ever since I got one a few years ago from Sephora's birthday sample. This highlighter focuses on giving a soft focus on the face.(Image:

Tip #3: Keep the glow, not the oil - We want glow not oil. A layer of glow pretty much means I am going to be shinning throughout the day. Using a smear light layer of a mattifying primer after moisturize/sunscreen and before foundation keeps your face smooth and silky without over drying your skin. I use the COVER FX mattifyingprimer with anti-acne; I have been using this product for over two years. It helped with clearing my acne and blotchy spots, and I have been using it since on days my skin is oily and gross.

Tip #4:Think Pink Cheeks - Along with a blush, try cheek tints. I have only started using tint last summer and I am still exploring around for the best product. So the only one I have tried so far is the famous Benefit lip and cheek tint in rose. I am kind of satisfied with it, I sometimes find this product a bit too sheer for my liking. I guess in a way it helps with giving a more natural look. A tint really help with adding a flush, I am looking forward to trying more colours like mauve and corals.

Tip #5: Sunscreen.–protect yourself, for all you fellow Canadians, you know how hot the Sun get, and as much as I love that tan, it is so important to protect your skin. It is easily the most important part of your skin care regime. There are many sunscreens out there that have a gorgeous tint to it, so no foundation required post-application.  Also, many foundations also have UV protected feature listed.

Tip #6: I have recently picked up the Clarisonic Smart Profile device and I am in love. Facing cleansing should be part of your everyday routine, a cleansing brush will help prep and repair your skin from the harsh winter it went through. Clarisonicalso have a brightening radiance line that really helps with clearing out blotchiness. I have also heard that Vitamin B3 helps resolve redness, Vitamin E for moisture and, Vitamin C for blemishes - these are most needs to repair from winter.(Image:

Tip #7: ColourPop - Try adding more colour into your makeup routine this spring. Are yousomeone who don’t like too much attention to the eyes, or afraid to use too much colour? Try usingcolour eyeliner for your lower lashes. It's subtle but definitely gives a nice pop for the eyes. Make sure you only under line with colour, if top and bottom lashes are coloured it’s a bit too much, stick with eitherblack or brown top liner to balance it out.  (Image:

Tip #8: Light Lined Only - To keep your eyes bright and fresh, try a fine lined eye instead of a bold dark smoky look. I know how easy to do a thick liner and not so easy for a clean looking one. Try applying your liner as you would usually, then with a q-tip dap either lotion or serum and remove the most of theline, leaving only a fine line against the lash line- such a useful trick from Amanda Montgomery from the Latest Wrinkle.

Tip #9: Colourful Eye Shawdows Do the Trick - Reach for all those colourful and neutral eye shadows and combine them! The trick for bright bold colour is to combine it with neutral colours like beige, taupe, etc. for an easier wear ... unless you like it bold and very colourful. The trick is to dust a medium toned shade in a sheer veil across the eye, then blend the outer corners and crease with a more neutral colour. A few coat of mascara also helps with softening the look - black mascara. Try this season's hottest colours: teal, dusty blue, fuchsia and a nice bright poppy orange.(Image :

Tip #10: Go Away Eye-Bags- This is a semi-weird tip. But in an interview with Reader's Digest, Dr.Frances Jang, a dermatologist at Skinworks recommends using raw potato slices to soothe your eyes. There are astringent which means they help decrease water retention and they also contain the enzyme catalase which helps lighten dark under eye circles. So grab a potato from the kitchen wash, and peel. Then, cut two slices and place one on each eye for 10 minutes. Lie down, relax and let the potatoes work their magic. After, rinse your face with luke warm water. Do this once or twice a week for the best effect.(  (Image:



February 16, 2016 — Alex Judge

Makeup Tips for a Warm Glow this Winter!

Winter time is one of the hardest to maintain a nice face.  I mean come on, it’s COLD!  Maintaining my clothes from the snow is hard enough, so who really can maintain the perfect winter look too?  Well you can with some of these tips we gathered on how to maintain a warm glow this winter!  These simple yet powerful tips will give you that beat face you want even during this cold and brutal season:

Contour & Highlight

It’s essential to bring out your features in order to make them pop, and the easiest way to do so is with contouring, especially with your jaw line, cheek bones, and chin. In addition, you want to use a liquid highlighter combined with a beauty blender to give yourself a nice, nude look. For a quick and easy contour I suggest Nyx's Wonder Stick (available at Ulta & Nyx online).


Brighten those eyes and lips!

Giving yourself a warm glow definitely consists of color, and the two most popular places to add bold colors are your eyes and lips.  For your eyes, choose a shadow with a great amount of metallic, or even go with a gold.  This way your eyes sparkle in the sunlight.  For your lips, a nice brown, nude, or light pink gives your face a very nice and soft look.


Mixing blush & bronzer

Mixing your favorite blush with your bronzer is the simplest way to enhance those cheek bones but give your face the pop of color it needs.





Making sure your face is moisturized is the best way to achieve a dewy, glowing complexion. I personally use Cetaphil moisturizer which is good for many skin types, making sure to give my face a generous amount and also applying my moisturizer to my neck. Cetaphil is available online, Walmart, and any other major drugstore or retailer, even carrying their own off brands that work just as food!


Have any tips you use to keep your face glowing and bright through this cold and brittle season?  Well drop a comment below and let us know what you have in mind!

January 27, 2016 — Alex Judge

10 Easy Glitter Make Up Looks To Try

So, honestly, what sane girl doesn’t love glitter?! The sparkle, the jazz, the bling…whatever your lingo, glitter is timeless. This holiday season, the dust of diamonds is always an appropriate choice for all occasions. Glitter brows, glitter eye shadow, even glitter lips. Now personally, I would never wear all of them together, but if you’re brave, by all means blind the world with your savage sparkle. Lol.  It is however, always in good taste to use your bling in moderation. Glitter is beautiful as a subtle accent, or the focal point of your look. Here are 10 easy, fun and gorgeous looks to try:

The first 3 looks are so gorgeous, and classic. (1) Smokey glitter: I love the iridescent glitter paired with the intensity of the outer corner. It really gives the look a very dramatic edge. (2) Soft and sparkly: Sweep a soft touch of glitter over a neutral shadow and line with a heavy back liner. (3) Golden shimmer: I love how this touch of gold glitter really pops against the white lid.


How to do it: Glitter eye shadow can be achieved a few ways. Most artists use a glitter glue. I like the one sold at They also sell the cutest glitter colors. Another way is to simply use a cream base and use a glitter or shimmer to set the primer, similar to the third picture.


  1. Black glitter lid: Glitz up your smokey lid with a pop of black glitter. This looks amazing when the light hits it.

  1. Warm Glitter: This earthy warm look is beautiful on warmer or darker skin tones. Achieve this look by creating a warm shadow in the crease a copper color on the lid. Add a bronze or brown glitter to the lid.

  2. Colored glitter: This purple glitter is life!!! However any color works. I just adore the idea!!!


  1. Dark green glitter: Green and gold are so regal together. I fell off my chair when I saw this amazing look with a smokey crease and a dark green glitter!!!


8.Glitter lips are an amazing way to spice up your look.This can be achieved by simply using a glittery lipstick, or loose glitter over a cream lipstick.  Any combination of lipstick and glitter is acceptable.


  1. Glitter Brows: Ok, so I gotta make a confession. In 2011, I saw Queen of Blending on YouTube doing glitter brows for the first time. I thought, this chick is insane. Lol, but when she finished…omg, I was breathless. Glitter brows are beautiful and an awesome way to add some bling to your look without being excessive.


  1. Glitter brow/lip combo: This red glitter is so pretty and seasonal. I love the contrast of the icy shadows and the dramatic lip and brows.

Thank you for reading ladies. I love you all, and appreciate you reading and supporting the blogs. Please keep reading, liking, sharing and recommending the blog. Be sure to subscribe to the blog, and follow me on Instagram at

January 06, 2016 — Alex Judge

10 New Year’s Resolutions You should make for Skin Care


Model: Jorenda Hardaway Make up: Angie Brand Photo: Tyler Plaxco


WOW!!! Can you ladies believe 2016 is little more than a week away?! It’s been an amazing year in make up, fashion, history, so much. With a new year approaching, everyone’s ready for the fresh start. The high resolves, and goals. Everyone’s going to be in shape, and leave behind all of their baggage and unhealthy habits becoming the person they’ve always dreamed of being. Well, what better way to improve than to make a resolution to take better care of our skin. Let’s face it (literally) lol, the skin can be our toughest critic. It can tell us if we’re too stressed, or not eating properly, even if we’re dehydrated. So why not pamper the skin so that the criticism it offers is constructive, and not too telling. Here are 10 skin care goals that I hope you all will try and enjoy for the New Year.


  1. Exfoliate Regularly: Exfoliating the skin regularly is so good. There are countless benefits of having a routine of exfoliating. These include: Removing dead skin cells, lifting residual make up or free radicals from the skin, reducing acne, polishing the skin, softening the surface, minimizing black heads….sooo many more. There are so many tools and products available for exfoliating. Sugar, micro-dermabrasion, brushes, and one of my personal favorites, baking soda. I love baking soda for the skin because it is a non abrasive exfoliant that not only smooths the skin but brightens it as well.


  1. Moisturize: Moisture to the skin is what water is to plants. Keeping the skin moist and supple will help it to hold it’s elasticity and help it to remain plump. Ladies, please remember: YOU MUST MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN EVEN IF YOU HAVE OILY SKIN!!!!! This can be tricky. If you have a tendency to be dryer, it seems almost a no brainer to moisturize the skin. However, for those of us who tend to be oilier or acne prone we tend to shy away from moisturizers. This is theee worst thing you could do. If you wash your face and it dries out, you skin will overproduce sebum (oil) to compensate for the lack of moisture. But, if you moisturize (preferably with a gel or hyolauric acid based moisturizer) you can eliminate this problem as well as minimize the look of oiliness. For those with dryer skin, invest in moisturizers that help the skin hold moisture. Cream based, or olive and coconut oils are wonderful moisturizers for the skin. AVOID MINERAL OIL AS THIS CAN HAVE A DRYING EFFECT ON THE SKIN.


  1. Hydrate: The best way to have beautiful, clear, glowing skin is to stay hydrated. Drinking at least 1 gallon of water a day will keep you hydrated,  and your skin clear and supple.


  1. Get a facial: Ok, confession time!! Lol Every year, I promise myself that I am going to have at least one professional facial done this year….aaaaaand WOMP WOMP WOMP!!!!! LOL NEVER happens!!! This year I am determined to have a professional facial done. Facials are excellent ways to learn about your skin, what condition it’s in through a professional evaluation. Blackhead removal, moisture and facial massage which is stimulating and sooo healthy for the skin. If however, you’re more budget friendly, try a facial mask at home. My favorite is a homemade mask that I created, I call it the Breakfast Mask. It’s like superfood for the face. It exfoliates (oatmeal), purifies (sea salt), hydrates, tones, kills inflammation, moisturizes (honey), feeds the face with  skin supporting protein (egg), and kills acne causing germs living beneath the surface of the skin with probiotics (yogurt).  Literally does everything!!!! It’s so healthy for the skin. Mix it together and apply to the skin, let it sit until the mask is solid and wash with warm water…you will love your skin and your skin will love you!!!!



  1. NO SUGARY DRINKS or CANDY: Ladies, do your skin a favor and steer clear of dark colored soft drinks, pop, high fructose corn syrup, since these things tend to wreak havoc on the skin. Instead opt for clear juices, Naked juice, fruit smoothies and water.


  1. Night time ritual: For 2016 start a nighttime ritual. Use an overnight purifying or moisturizing mask. Invest in a night cream for the eyes to keep them free from wrinkles, bags or pouches. I like Oil of Olay under eye cream.


  1. Nightly make up removal: Absolutely NO sleeping in your make up. Not only is it messy, but the skin naturally detoxifies itself at night by secreting sweat and oil. If the pores or the “exits” are blocked by layers of make up, the sweat and oil will collect in the pores, causing them to swell, become infected and……you guessed it, PIMPLES!!! Keep the skin as acne free as possible by removing your make up before bed


  1. Foundation Free Days: Yeah, I said it lol, no foundation. But here’s the catch, if you follow the preceding suggestions to healthy glowing skin, you’ll find yourself less inclined towards the cake face. It’s a domino effect. Letting the skin breathe is so vital to keeping it healthy. Honestly ladies, here I am (pictured below) …no foundation at all. I am simply wearing a liquid illuminator by Manna Kadar for a gorgeous glow!!! You can do it girls!!! Lol


  1. Keep the skin toned: One of my favorite toners for the skin is Witch Hazel. It cuts oil, kills germs and infections, and minimizes the look of your pores. Another great toner for the body is a caffeine cream. It tightens the skin, and shrinks cellulite.


  1.  NO Touchy: Ladies….for 2016 lets keep our hands and everything they touch away from our skin as much as possible. Resting your face in your palm, or rubbing your eyes, these things bring the skin in contact with germs as well as wears on the skin. If you must touch, do so gently and ONLY with clean hands.


I hope these resolutions suit you all!!! Please, try the suggestions and share your feedback with us by commenting.  If you enjoyed the blog, subscribe to it, repost it, tweet about it, Like it, and share it. I’m Angie Brand, they call me Queen of the Glammed. Follow me on Insta at And, ladies...if you’re searching for awesome lashes, check out for 100% Mink lashes. Use my code: QUEENOFTHEGLAMMED for 20% off of your entire purchase!! Thank you all so much for reading. Love ya!!!!!!!

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