Everything You Need To Know About Lashes This Holiday Season

Everything You Need To Know About Lashes This Holiday Season


The idea of putting on false lashes will seem like a piece of cake. I remember years ago, when I was ready to try false lashes, I watched endless YouTube tutorials and thought, “this is easy, I can do this every day before I go to class”. The day came when I got my first set of falsies for the first day of class. I woke up early and had plenty of time for makeup. I spent almost an hour trying to get my lashes in place. I ended up leaving this house with minimal makeup, and unfortunately no new lashes.

Fast forward a few years later and many, many practices, proud to say that I can apply these lashes in less than 5 minutes – flawless. The process of buying, gluing and applying false lashes can be challenging and even frustrating. In today’s blog post I will be going over a few tips and trick on getting your false lashes on fleek.

What Type of Lashes?

First things first, is to choose the type of lashes you want to use. The first pair I got in high school was a drugstore-quality pair from drugstore. It was ok, I didn’t really know between the different types. The first high-end set of lashes I got was from MAC for a dance show. I was looking for something a bit more dramatic. The fiber on the lashes are more spiked and make my eyes appear wider, along with longer and fuller volume.

Upon other research throughout the year, I have settled for mink lashes. I find that mink lashes or faux mink are usually thinner and give a more natural look. Since I wear false lashes a few times a week during work, I aim for a subtler look that blends in with my lashes. I also find them to be more comfortable than silk lashes. I am all about faux-mink lashes because it’s cheaper and more humane.

 Silk and acrylic is also another popular choice. They are usually perfect for a short-term wear, like an evening event. These lashes are thicker and fuller, plus they tend to be a lot curvier. I would definitely say they aren’t as comfortable as mink lashes.

 Another type I have recently started playing around with are individual lashes. I would actually highly recommend these to beginners are they are easy to practice with. I usually apply it with foundation and eyeliner. And attach it to my upper lash line. Depending on how much volume I want, I would extend to the middle of the lid. These are also really fun because you can mix and match different lengths to get the most ideal length and volume you want

 Applying Lashes

I highly recommend watching YouTube tutorials to perfecting the applying process. Although, I have to admit, for myself, practice was the key to learning. The first few times can be frustrating but it gets easier. Here are a few tips and tricks I have found super helpful.

  • If you wrap the false lashes a few times and make it into a circle to make it curve more, it will be easier to apply.
  • If your hands to too shaky, a pair of tweezers can go a long way
  • Don’t cheap out on the glue at the two ends of the lashes, if anything put more!
  • Apply the glue to your lash line instead of the false lashes.
  • Use your skin lid to hide the lash band

 If all fails, I have a friend who uses eyelash applicator and she finds it to be sure helpful! I would recommend looking into one of those! 

December 08, 2017 — AN CAN
Blogger Picks -  Lip Treatments

Blogger Picks - Lip Treatments

I am so excited to write this blog post because I love sharing my favorite products. I personally spend way too much time and money searching for the best items, so I feel that being able to share my thoughts will really help benefit you all!

Today’s blog post will be on my top picks for lip treatment and masks. This was something I have been looking into since a year ago. It was actually around this time of the year. I tend to find that during Fall, the weather gets drier, and more attention is required for delicate skin. I wouldn’t exactly say my lips are chapped or flaky, but they are definitely not smooth hand refined. Before lip treatment and mask, I turned to lip balms. And trust me, I have tried every single kind of lip balm before I discovered lip treatment and this turned it all around.

One of the first lip treatment I used and still using is the Lush Lip Scrub. The bubblegum and popcorn flavor is to die for! They both smell and taste delicious. Before you accuse me of eating lip scrub, hear me out. How this product works is you apply it on your lip and you can leave it on overnight as an defoliator. The product is made of sugar, so it is edible! This lip scrub is a bit expensive, and it’s similar to lip scrub recipes you can make from home as well. If you are on a budget, you can try making your own lip scrub with 1 tsp of white sugar, brown sugar and honey, then put 1/2 tsp of olive oil, and mix it up!

Another great treatment is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy. This is a Sephora product and not a pricey one either. The First Aid Beauty brand was new to me about a few months ago, and they have some great fixing product, including this one. This is kind of like a lip balm in my opinion, but a stronger one than all those drug store ones I have purchased. I usually wear this as a base for my lipstick. It’s great for normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive skin. It overall helps with dryness, dullness, uneven texture and loos of firmness. With other lip balm, I usually find myself reapplying every few hours, but I feel like this one lasts all day before I have to reapply. If you haven’t tried First Aid Beauty, highly recommend their face cleanser!

Tony Moly is one of my favorite brands for face masks. Their masks are my go-to for brightening and cleansing. It’s always good to do a mask at least once or twice a week. So, when I found out they have lip masks, I had to try it! And let me tell you, they are the cutest thing ever. They are in a transparent, plump, lip shape. And it’s so easy to use, you literally put it on your lips and let the magic happen! Although it’s a bit pricy, I highly recommend saving up for Tony Moly kiss kiss lovely lip patch during the Fall season.

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Blogger Picks: All About Brow Products

Blogger Picks: All About Brow Products

There’s two thing that’s worth investing a lot of money in (speaking from a makeup perspective), these two things in my opinion are a good contour kit and anything brow related. Having #browgoals is every women's dream. Having well defined, bold, thick brows merely have boundaries. To achieve those brows, however, it definitely takes more than just a brown pencil. Let’s be honest, without these brow products, how bold and perfect can brows be? The magic behind flawless brows? Let me do you a solid, and mention a few favorites. 

A lot of people don’t use a eyebrow gel, but it can actually do a lot for you. Just like hair, we use hairspray to keep our hair in place, eyebrow gel is used to secure your brows in place the same way that hairspray does for the hair on our heads. The product is simple, it’s clear and almost look like mascara. The heavily loved product is by Anastasia Beverly Hills, The Clear Brow Gel. It’s simple to use! Apply Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel in short upward strokes as a finishing topcoat, or alone, for a clean polished look.

Next, lets talk about a good product for sculpting and carving out the brow.  Using a precision brow pencil or some prefer a cream product such as a dip brow formula really helps. If you are obsessed with brow products, chances are you already have used or currently using this product. This is one brow product you wish to have a life-time supply of. Our Pick goes to the one and only Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. This is an award winning brown pencil aka magic brown pencil that sculpt and define your brows. If you don’t have brow skills? All you need is this. It’s a ultra slim retractable pencil that can help get the sparse areas between the individual hair. For those who
needs a bit of a filler in, this is key to a natural look.

If you are looking for a little bit more dramatic and contouring for the brows. The Smashbox #Shapematters palette is what you will need! This will have everything you need because essentially, it’s a three in one kit. It has everything to sculpt your face, nose and brows. Although the whole palette is great, their brow colors are super highly pigmented, and perfect for a high arch. The colors are also complement to most skin tones. It also comes with wax, and a double ended brush.

Finally, The brow zings eyebrow shaping kit by Benefit Cosmetics is also another award-winning product that’s great for a on the go fix. It’s a fairly small palette (pocket size) and it comes with eyebrow powder and wax. There is also a mini tweezers and dual sided extendable applicator. Even though it’s small, it can do everything you need – from sculpt, shape and fill! The colors are a bit more soft than the Smashbox palette, but still highly pigmented. 

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Beauty Essentials That Belong In Your Bag All Year Round!

Beauty Essentials That Belong In Your Bag All Year Round!
By: My Makeup Brush Set Blog

If you are a real beauty lover you already have a giant pouch of goodies that you use and carry all the time. Like those products you will replace instantly once you run out! Bet you can already think of a few of those products. It is also fun to try new products too! You never know, you might find a new holy grail product!

If you are not a HUGE make-up addict or even looking to start out, here are the few beauty essentials that will whip your beauty stash into shape ;) The best thing to do is start with a makeup bag that can hold all your beauty goodies together.

Product #1

One key component to makeup is making sure it last throughout the day. Like a painting, the better the canvas aka your skin, the better your makeup will apply and stay on. The first layer product on your skin is also important because of proper moisturizing and creasing. Although this sometimes does depend on certain skin types, but if you have a combination to dry skin, the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil should belong in your bag all year long! 

Why? This lightweight product not only prime, but it also works as a facial oil that prep the skin too. If you already have oily skin, Smashbox Photo Finish Matte primer is a great product to have too!

Product #2

After the priming, it’s the foundation and concealer next. Liquid foundation and a good powder is absolutely amazing! The key to a good foundation is that is not heavy, provides good coverage, and gives you the luminosity healthy glow you are looking for! One beauty product that is highly talked about in the beauty community is the respectable and highly recommend the MAC pro long wear foundation. This highly sought foundation does last all day especially when you have a good primer under neath! 

Product #3

A Blending Sponge! Brushes are great, especially when the whole set is lined up by the makeup vanity. However, a beauty blending sponge will always belong in the makeup bag in case for quick touch up or on the go application. A beauty blending sponge and fingers can go a really long way if you don’t have your favorite brushes around! 

 Product #4

An eyelash curler is a must! Something that does so much for lashes, and all goes from one amazing tool! A eyelash curler has been in the beauty world for as long as we can remember, because it just works! Essential, Essential, Essential! 

Product #5

Mascara – You cannot leave the house without carrying one of these in your makeup bag! If you're a beauty guru or girl boss on the go, a mascara can change your look instantly! A great option is the Better Than Sex by Too Faced! Good length, high volume, and the does not leave you with raccoon eyes! 

Product #6

A natural palette. This will go a long way because it works for school, parties, work. Before you think a natural palette is boring, the Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eye shadow Palette will make you change your mind. This palette has 12 shades that create smoldering and versatile looks. This is THE palette for work time and play time!


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Top 5 Best Concealers To Try!

Top 5 Best Concealers To Try!

Make up:
Top 5 Best Concealers To Try! 
By: My Makeup Brush Set Blog


Concealer is one makeup product that is always on me, so it’s super important to me that a concealer is effective. The power of concealer is actually amazing. I can’t even think of anything concealer couldn’t fix. From hiding acne, brightening my eye circles (very much needed once school starts), covering up redness, blemishes, literally anything. I remember the first time I was introduced to concealer and I was so blown away. In today’s blog post we will be talking about a few of favorite concealers that might very well be perfect for you!

There are a few key components to finding a good concealer. The first is how opaque it is. You want a concealer that is opaque enough to camouflage a tattoo or hide whatever it is you got underneath. Another super important factor I look for when I settle of a concealer is the formula used. I have used several concealer where it dries my skin and by the time I put powder or sometimes later in the day, my skin starts flaking. Finding one that keeps your skin hydrated, and leaves a smooth finish is important. Another key point is a concealer that stays put. I find it so annoying when I am trying to cover a huge pimple, but next thing you know the blob of concealer is gone and on another patch of skin. And of course, the shade of your concealer is also super important.

Image result for best concealer

Image Courtesy Of In The Gloss | Via

A go to winter concealer is the NARS radiant creamy concealer. Skin gets so dry in the winter and I find this NARS product super effective in minimal flakes. Although this concealer doesn’t win the award of being most opaque, it’s a bit sheer but the coverage is definitely. I applies on super silky and smoothly. For a concealer, one of the best finish one can find. Another similar find is the Boi-ing hydrating concealer by Benefit. It works fairly well too, just not as great as the NARS one.

One of my all-time favorite overall concealer is the Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer by Too Faced. I first got my first tube when it recently launched at GenBeauty in Toronto. Ever since then I have replaced this tube twice. The magic it has on hiding imperfection is simply amazing. I’ve even encouraged my mom to pick up a tube because any lines or wrinkles, this product will clear it all up. This product is also infused with coconut water to replenish moisture levels, plus alpine rose to brighten and boost radiance. And a few other special ingredients to create a smoother, youthful appearance. This is available in 16 different shades

Image Courtesy Of Elle UK |  Via

If you are looking for heavy coverage, I highly recommend the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer. The HD aspect for all of Makeup Forever line is really good for photos. I tend to apply this before going on camera or I know I will have my picture taken today. I find that it works really well with their HD foundation.

I will admit that I splurge on a concealer once and it was totally worth it. The Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer is nothing like your typical concealer. This concealer is the thickest I have ever seen and thus it is super opaque. This is what I live off of when I am back in school, but for special occasions of course. It is thick enough to cover a tattoo. I also applies really well, and doesn’t settle with any lines.

One of my newer finds is the Glossier stretch concealer. This is my most recently purchased concealer and I am fairly happy with it. I will probably purchase it again because of the price. I keep this with me in my purse for a quick touch up. I also found the “light” shade to match my skin tone very well.  I was surprised considering they only have 5 shades!

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Top 5 Best Drugstore Makeup Products- Summer Edition

Top 5 Best Drugstore Makeup Products- Summer Edition

Never doubt the power of drugstore makeup because chances are they are sometimes better than the higher-end brands. The power of makeup should be making you happier and more confident, there is also the fun and joy in collection/buying/using makeup! Just because you have a budget of $60 does not mean that you should be left out! Not all of us can afford a foundation at the Chanel cosmetic counter. In fact, $60 may not seem nearly enough to start a makeup collection, I'm here to tell you it is!

Choosing brands from the drugstore can sometimes be difficult. If it's too cheap there is the doubt of the quality and ingredients used for the product. Bad quality and ingredients can lead to improper skin care which obviously leads to worse consequences. It’s also hard to “swatch” drugstore makeup, Ladies, I am preaching the choir here, not only are the samples next to impossible to find, the odds of you coming across an open sample that matches your skin tone is next to none! So with some thorough research and through reading reviews from the public, here are some brands that never fail to impress and yes, they are on a budget!

Let's begin with something amazing! ELF! if you don't already purchase their products, now you should! ELF is bomb.com, They are now available at most drug stores in North America such as Walmart and Target, or you can shop online. One the best products they are known for is blush. Ditch the over priced NARS blush and get this one! The formula is very similar and it applies HELLA smoothly, it is also pigmented. Another few ELF products to keep an eye out for is their eyelash curler, brow kit and lip primer and plumper. All of these are less than $5 each! 

Courtesy of Elf | Via


CoverGirl is also a great drugstore brand, and their The Super Sizer Mascara is definitely very worthy and in par with some of the higher end mascaras. The Tarte mascara wand and formula are fairly similar. They are both highly pigmented. And sometimes you might even end up liking the drugstore ones better. This is also waterproof so perfect for the pool days! 

Courtesy Of Ulta Beauty | Via


A great treatment find for the summer at Target is the Wine Blot Lip Balm. These totally belong in a higher end store because for $50, people will buy this. This is a SPF 20 (PERFECT FOR SUMMER) that works as a lip treatment but a tint of color. The main function for this is to moisturize and protect from the sun. It also restores and rejuvenates your lips! 

Courtesy of Amazon | Via

if you are in the market for a good lightweight liquid foundation the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Pore-less Foundation is awesome! For less than $10 you can find a foundation that is bound to fit your color because there are over 30 shades to choose from. Their foundation is also great to blend in your skin ranging from normal to oily,  giving your face a natural skin look. Not to mention it does not clog pores and it's oil free. WIN! WIN! WIN!

Courtesy of Ulta Beauty | Via


Finally, can't forget the lippie! The Essence's line of lipsticks are truly amazing. The creamy matte lipstick line is so perfect for summer because of their bright shades. The bright one literally screams summer, it is the "pink up your life" shade! These are only $3 and can be found at your local drugstore!

Courtesy of Fashion Ret | Via

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Makeup Tips For A Hot Day

Hot days are SO dreadful, not only because it is HELLA sweaty and gross but it also tends to ruin your makeup. Sweat + foundation just totally does not go well together and you know it!!! 
July 12, 2017 — AN CAN

Worth-The-Splurge Beauty Products

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about budget beauty. I love brands like NYX that make it easy to pick up a few new products even when you're having to tighten the purse strings, but there are certain products I swear by that do cost a little more than I'd usually want to spend. Because, you know, sometimes you do have to choose quality over quantity!

Kyshadow Bronze Palette
I was so indecisive when it came to buying a Kyshadow palette for so many reasons. At the time (around 8 months or so ago) I wasn’t really into eyeshadow because I didn’t exactly know what I was doing and although I loved the lip kits, $42 seemed a lot of money for a few colours. But of course, me being me and having the spending problem I’ve got, I bought it. I was absolutely infatuated as soon as it arrived at my door and I spent a good while rubbing it in my sister’s face (not literally, what a waste of product). It really kick started the love of eye makeup for me and I’ve turned into one of those people that feels a bit naked with nothing on their lid. It’s still a go-to for me when it comes to browns and bronze tones so definitely worth the splurge!


Benefit Rollerlash Mascara
I’ve always been a cheapskate when it comes to mascaras and if I’m honest, the Benefit Rollerlash scared me a little bit when it first came out (I don’t know why, it just did). I’ve always stuck with Essence or Rimmel because I never really thought that any mascaras where meant to live up to the claims of giving a ‘false lash effect’ – quite simply because I’d cheaped out on every mascara I’d ever tried. Fast forward to my birthday and I got an abundance of gift cards that I felt like I needed to spend straight away, so I finally picked up a mini of Rollerlash! I’ve been using it everyday ever since and I think I’ve gone through about 3 now! It really picks my lashes up and gives them a good curl with just one layer, so it’s perfect for everyday and nights out as you can build it up! I can’t imagine going back to a ‘drugstore’ brand now, I’m hooked!

Image Courtesy of Cherry Pie | via

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation
This is a relatively new one for me for more than one reason. Last month I noticed that my trusty L’Oreal True Match foundation just wasn’t sitting right on my skin so I started searching for a new oil-free replacement. After a bit of searching – and realising that a lot of oil-free foundations have ridiculous price tags – I found the Double Wear Light. It was still a long way out of my usual budget but one of the cheaper ones I’d found and a friend had recommended it too. Of course I was going to buy it straight off without trying it first so I got a sample that ended up lasting my a good week! My face sets so much better now that I wear this and I don’t get any of the clumping or separating like I used too! I might still cringe at the price tag a bit, but it is worth the spend!

Image Courtesy of mugeek | via

Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue Primer
I first bought this at the same time I got the mini Rollerlash and I’ve definitely fallen in love with this! I’d never really used a real primer (I went through the Nivea Post Shave Balm faze) so using this for the first time was like discovering a unicorn. The gel formula is absolutely perfect for my skin and it keeps my makeup in place all day and keeps the oil in my skin from popping up to say hello. Plus, even the minis last a good couple of months for me, so it’s more than enough value for your money!

Image Courtesy of Ulta | via 


ABH Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit
Of course I’ve saved the best for last! I always resisted the glow kit craze because with each kit only having an average of 4 shades, I didn’t know if it was worth the money. But when the Nicole Guerriero glow kit was revealed I absolutely fell in love. As with an big-ish money spend, I give it some time to think it over and if I still want it, I get it. So I gave this one a good month and a half from the release to make my mind up and I then dipped into my savings and clicked checkout! I’m still so in love with this at the minute and I’m using it everyday, mixing shades and messing around. To me, it’s the best product on this list and I couldn’t recommend it more!

April 20, 2017 — AN Commerce

Best Waterproof Makeup

Whether it’s a date night to see a soppy film, a day out at the waterpark or, you know, you’re just one of those people whose eyes seems to stream all the time (I’m with you there) – everyone needs some good waterproof makeup! Most brands seem to have at least a waterproof version of something in their collection, and here are the ones I find to be the best!

You’re more likely to come across a waterproof mascara than anything else and you can find them pretty much anywhere. They all seem to work to a certain extent but I believe the best way to go is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara. Granted, the blue packaging isn’t quite a cute as the pink original version, but it works and it gives you the same definition as the original version! Sometimes waterproof mascaras can lose the volume and length because it’s main purpose is the be waterproof (if that makes sense) so if you’re after a waterproof mascara that holds up it’s claims –this is the one for you!

Image Courtesy of Too Faced | via 

Whether you’re obsessed with eyebrows or think that people pay too much attention to them, you can’t deny that they complete define your face. So the last thing you want is to be caught up in a storm and come out brow-less, right? This is one that I’ve definitely locked down, even without waterproof products! I used the NYX Tame & Frame gel in Chocolate and then set it with a clear brow gel (the brand doesn’t really matter, they all do the same job) and voila! You could send me through a car wash and I’d come out the other end with my brows intact, these babies are going nowhere.

Image Courtesy of NYX Cosmetics  | via 


I’ve never come across a waterproof foundation or concealer myself but there are ways the strengthen them and keep them in place, one of those being a good primer. I use the Benefit Porefessional to create a solid base for my foundation – it doesn’t exactly make it waterproof but it’s a lot less likely to wash off!

Image Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics | via

Setting Spray
A setting spray does a similar job to the primer, but it goes at the end of your routine instead of the beginning, and using both gives you pretty impressive results! With a good primer you get a solid base to start off your look, and the setting spray locks it all in at the end – so if you’re hitting the pool be sure to lock it in afterwards! I personally use the Makeup Revolution Oil Control spray to keep my oiling skin at bay.

Image Courtesy of Pucker | via 


This is another one where they aren’t technically ‘waterproof’ but transfer-proof is pretty much the same thing! Most of the time, the main lipsticks that don’t transfer are mattes (you might get the occasional satin or gloss but matte is your best bet). I personally love the Kylie Lip Kits, Colourpop Ultra Mattes or NYX Lingerie lipsticks for all-day wear. They’re completely transfer proof (providing you don’t cover them in grease) and I’ve had a Kylie Lip Kit last a full 16 hours of eating and drinking before! Any of these are your best bet at keeping your lips in top shape all day!

Image Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics | via 

March 20, 2017 — AN Commerce

Products that are NOT Worth the Hype

Last week I wrote a blog posts on a few of products that are definitely worth the hype, and I hope you had a chance or will give a few of those products a try. Today’s blog post will be on a few products I have tried and found that it is not really worth the hype. I found that these products are not worth the price or not as a good as a product as advertised. These products seem to not work for me, however it might work great on some others. I did do a bit of research for this article, and found that others don’t find the products that good either. So do keep an eye out before trying out these products.  

Lip Plumper: this lip treatment has been around for a year or so, and it is designed (or marketed) to instantly give your lips fuller and more plumped. A lot of the different brands advertised its formula to give instant fullness and/or naturally makes your lip more plumped over time/ long-term enhancement. I tired the Glamglow Plumprageous matte lip treatment, that says it will prep the lips for color and create a visibly fuller look. I didn’t it do much of the enlarging them. None of the plumping treatment. I have also heard that some find products like this to be stinging and dry out your lips. So, be careful with the formulas used.

Image Courtesy of Sephora | via  

Benefit They’re Real Push Up liner: don’t get me wrong, I love the Benefit line. The mascara is one of my favourite. However, after trying the same series of eyeliner, I was very disappointed. I have read blog posts on how great the liner is, but definitely did not do justice for me. I find that my brush and gel liner works better than this. Firstly, the tip and design of the point, is not capable of making a fine thin line. Secondly, the tip comes out too much than expected, it is hard to control. Overall, this is a alright product, not worth the price and probably wouldn’t buy it again. 

3D Fiber Lashes Mascara: I tried this by Younique and it was way too flaky for my liking. It did make my lashes a tad longer than normal mascara but it is too messy to use because of the flakes. This mascara costed about $45, more than a Too Faced product. The thing is, once applied, it looks good. But within a few minutes, the fibers start falling all over. For someone wearing contacts, this is brutal (I have to end up taking out my contacts and go through the whole cleaning process). False lashes are definitely the better way to go in a situation like this. (Image:   

Image Courtesy of The Suburban Mom | via 

Another mascara I am highly disappointed with is the Makeup Forever newest “4D” mascara. It markets via the 4D technology which is a micro defining wax complex envelopes the lash surface for faraway impact and up close precision – whatever that means, it is a load of fancy terms that works the same as any other mascara. Heads up, not worth the $30.


 Just a few of my suggestions on these products. Do you agree? Disagree?

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