Face Rollers- The New Beauty Trend

Face Rollers- The New Beauty Trend

If you are someone who is up to date with the current beauty trends on social media, there is no way you have missed the facial rollers that are appearing all over your feed. For the past year, these facial rollers typically made from jade or an imitation jade-like stone are being picked up by a whole lot of influencers and bloggers. These facial rollers, although only popping up in our lives now, it has been around for centuries. It was first originated in China, and it is believed that the stone can heal and protect. The real question is - how well can it heal and protect our skin?

The jade roller is a follow-up skin care product that helps your skin soak in the products you use. It will help your skin absorb the skin care products you use. You will no longer feel bad for putting on that $100 night serum and somehow get residue on your pillowcase - because with the roller the serum will actually be absorbed in.

This little thing does more than just one thing. The natural material of jade is a cool touch which helps with depuffing. The healers of the stone can also be used to ward off stress and anxiety. The effect varies amongst one and another, but this is a great alternative for someone who leans toward the chemical-free beauty regimen. Another health benefit that the roller can help with is detoxifying. By rolling against your face, it helps increase circulation and the lymphatic system carry away toxins. This will overall increase blood and lymph flow. The renewal of cells will then get rid of toxins at a quicker rate. This then brings more oxygen, and at the end, will help improve your skin tone. This is also an anti-aging property. By keeping the skin healthy, you will start to notice less puffiness, decrease in lines, tightening in skin and muscle tone through the massage action.

Sounds magical? Another great thing is that it is so convenient to use. This little thing will definitely fit in your purse and only takes up less than 5 minutes of your day. Pull it out while you are watching Netflix or you are sitting around waiting. For some, the improvement may show within a day or two, some may take a week or so. If you are looking to cure a swelling area, it is likely you will see the result right away!

Start with the chin area and roll horizontally out to the hairline. Then, you can move up to the nose area and roll from the corner of the nose towards the ear. You can also use it from the inner corner of the eye (recommend using the small end for this). Then, move towards the eyebrows and down to the temples. Lastly, upwards to the hairline and across the forehead. The pressure should be light and gentle.

The cost of a facial roller is surprisingly inexpensive considering it is not something you will have to replace often, they are often very high quality and will last you a lifetime. Starting from $8.99 for a jade facial roller or if you want to be a bit more fancy with the rose quartz facial roller it is only a dollar more.  
July 24, 2018 — AN CAN

Top 10 Makeup looks for Blue Eyes.

Hello there my blue-eyed beauties, I have an extra special blog today just for you! While I wasn't blessed with beautiful baby blues, I have always loved to pin and save makeup looks that really compliment those peepers and make them pop! Blue eyes aren't as common as brown and hazel, but so many eye looks make them stand out! Of course, you can use any shadows that you like, but keep in mind that certain colors will really make your eyes seem more vibrant. So, I will be sharing with you 10 of my absolute favorite eye makeup looks that will really compliment your eyes and make you look and feel like a goddess. Details of products as well as links to the photo's and tutorials will be provided below each look . I hope you lovelies enjoy!


  1. Rust and gold smokey eyes

This beautiful look takes the boldness of a rust colored shadow with the

glow of gold and combines them into a smokey look that really gives

your blue eyes a pop to die for. You can add a wing for more of a bold

look, or just apply some straight shot liner for a beautiful look that is not

so drastic.

Products used:

MUS-Eyeprimer tinted

MUG-eyeshadow Country girl

MUG-eyeshadow Drama queen

MUG-eyeshadow corrupt

MUS-Eyepencil black

MUS-Long lash mascara

House of lashes "Siren"

NARS eyeliner stylo carpates

Source: http://stureplan.se/bloggar/linda/2013/08/03/todays-look-


(MUG)- Makeupgeek  (MUS)- Makeupstore

2. Neutral Smokey Eye.

This may be the most simple way to make your jewel eyes pop! We all know of many different types of neutral, natural, or nude palettes and eyeshadow colors. This is a beautiful smokey look with the brown shadow in the outer corner and throughout the crease blended into a cream shade that is applied on the inner corner. Also, a beautifully highlighted brow bone! Look at that glow!!

Products used:

MAC- All That Glitters (inner corner/lid)

MAC- Antiqued ( upper crease/ outer corner)

MAC- Swiss Chocolate (outer corner blended into crease)

MAC- Soft Brown (outer corner blended into crease)

MAC- Carbon (smudged along outer lower lash line/outer corner)

MAC- Shroom (browbone highlight)

Source: http://naturebeauti.com/2014/02/04/shadows-are-mac-all-that-glitters-antique-swiss-chocolate-soft-brown-carbon-and-shroom-for-browbone/

  1. Rosey/Neutral Smokey eye.

A very simple everyday go-to look that is sure to turn heads, a light neutral rosey eye. The best part is that this eye can either be played up or played down. Use more dramatic colors, winged liner, and falsies to really make this look stand out!


UBNP - Toasted (Lid)

UDNP - Buck (Crease/Upper Crease)

UDNP - Hustle (Crease/outer corner)

UDNP - Smog (Liner)

UDNP - Creep (Outer Corner V)

UDNP- Virgin (Browbone Highlight/ Inner Corner)

UD - 24/7 eye pencil in Zero and Whiskey

Lash Fusion XL Mascara.

(UDNP) - UrbanDecay Naked Palette (UD) - UrbanDecay

Source: http://makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.pt/2010/09/ud-naked-palette-tutorial-smokey.html

  1. Beautiful Blue and White Smokey Eye.

One of my absolute favorite looks for a blue-eyed bombshell is the white/blue smokey eye. This combo reminds me of a beautiful sea goddess and is sure to keep all eyes (blue or not) on you. This is a gradient look for both the lid and lower lash line. Gasp! I can't control my excitement!!! This is way too gorgeous! You better come with a warning label if you wear this eye, "Warning: May cause broken hearts". </3


Dark Blue Pencil Liner (No Brand Given)

Dark Blue Eye Crayon (No Brand Given)

White Eye Crayon (No Brand Given)

Black Mascara (No Brand Given)

Souce & Tutorial: http://welearners.com/beauty-tips/prom-makeup-2013-2014-for-blue-eyes-tutorial-prom-makeup/

5. Turquoise Liner/ Neutral Eye

Looking for a simple and fast eye look for your blues that still make a statement? Slap on some turquoise liner on a golden neutral eye. No need in using 10 different shades of eyeshadow just to get a bold look! Still not enough for you? Add some falsies to the mix to really make it radiant! It's that simple, babes!


No Brands Given

Similar Products:

MUFE  Aqua Eyes Liner - Turquoise 7L

UD 24/7 Glide Liner - Deep End

Any Gold shadow. Suggested from the Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand Palette

(UD) - UrbanDecay  (MUFE) - MakeUpForEver

Source: http://www.stylosophy.it/foto/trucco-occhi-con-eyeliner_16525_9.html

  1. Purple Smokey Eye

When people think about colors that actually accentuate their blue eyes, purple isn't usually the first one that comes to mind. In fact, purple is almost a conflicting color, but somehow it works and gives blue eyes a beautiful hue. Here is a totally gorg purple smokey eye for you colorful and daring darlings out there!

Suggested Products:

White Eyeshadow (MAC- Gesso)

Dark Plum Shadow (MAC- FIG. 1)

Light Purple Shadow (MAC- Creme De Violet)

Black Shadow (MAC- Black Tied)

Source: http://www.styleglow.com/best-eye-makeup-tutorials-everyday-and-bridal-prom-and-special-occasions/

  1. Orange Sunrise Smokey Eyes.

Dang. You ladies can just pull off any color, can't you? Want a beautiful summer look for your blue eyes? Incorporate some orange. This gives your eyes the look of (in my opinion) an ocean against a beautiful tropical sunrise. This look has me ready to slip my bikini on!!

Suggested Products:

MAC- Painterly Paint Pot

MAC- Amber Lights

MAC- Bronze

MAC- Rule

MAC- Coppering

Source: http://www.shelookbook.com/blue-eyes-makeup-for-blue-eyes.html#

  1. Pink Sunset Smokey Eye.

So, while i'm in this summer/tropical mood and we already did a sunrise look, let's take a look at the sunset! WOW!! Another beautiful look for blue eyes. Unfortunately, these last two looks didn't come with products, so I am looking at my MAC collection and giving you suggested shadows instead that closely dupe these colors! Of course, you can use any dupes of your own.

Suggested Products:

MAC- Amber Lights

MAC- Swish

MAC- Sushi Flower

MAC- Sketch

MAC- Mylar

MAC- Painterly Paint Pot

Source: http://www.shelookbook.com/blue-eyes-makeup-for-blue-eyes.html#


  1. Frozen Inspired Ice Blue Smokey Eye.

Isn’t this just a gorgeous look up against those beautiful blue eyes? This is a frozen inspired icy look that smokes out into a deep blue. Sexy and Bold!

Suggested Products:

MAC - White Frost

MAC- Electric Eel

MAC- Tilt


MAC- Contrast

MAC- Aquadisiac

Source: http://www.stylemotivation.com/20-gorgeous-makeup-ideas-for-blue-eyes/


  1. Classic Black Smokey Eye.

Last but certainly not least, the classic black smokey eye. This is a look that works for all eye colors, but is ultra sexy on a blue-eyed gal. This beautiful dark smokey look doesn't require loads of shadow shades and is as simple as they come, but packs a bold punch!

Suggested Products:

MAC - Carbon

MAC- Black Tied

MAC- Print

MAC- Diesel

MAC- Painterly Paint Pot

Source: http://www.stylishboard.com/perfecting-the-art-of-creating-smokey-eyes/



That's a wrap for this blog my princesses. I hope you had as much fun reading as I had typing and learning about all things blue! More to come! Pinky promise!! <3


Amber Crosby