PolyGel Nail Kit

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Elevate your nail game with the PolyGel Nail Kit, the ultimate all-in-one solution for achieving salon-quality nails in the comfort of your own home.

Say goodbye to the hassle of monomers, mixing, and ratios. With PolyGel, it's effortless to achieve stunning nails in minutes, thanks to its innovative formula.


  • LIGHT: Experience the astonishing lightness of PolyGel post-application. No heavy, uncomfortable nails here – just a feather-light feel.

  • STRONG: PolyGel nails are not just beautiful, they're strong too. In fact, they're even stronger than hard gels, ensuring your nails remain fabulous and resilient.

  • SAFE: Rest easy knowing our PolyGel formula is monomer-free and 7-free, with absolutely no airborne dust. Your nail journey is not only stylish but also safe.

  • EASY: Application is a breeze with PolyGel. Enjoy fast and fuss-free application with unlimited playtime, allowing you to perfect your nails without the rush.

  • FLAWLESS: Whether you're a student learning the ropes or an experienced professional, PolyGel is suited for everyone. Achieve flawless nails that reflect your style and expertise.


  • 1 x PolyGel Nail Tube
  • 1 x 100 pcs Nail Forms

Ditch the time-consuming and costly salon visits – get your PolyGel Nail Kit today and embrace the future of DIY nail perfection!