Automatic Foaming Facial Brush

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This Automatic Foaming  Facial Brush is more effective than cleansing with your hands alone. It can remove makeup, dirt, oil, and impurities effectively. It helps clear up blackheads and acne by expelling dirt deep within your pores without irritating the skin.

  • Pattern selection of spin spa cleansing facial brush -Soothing and cleaning, sound wave through the skin, relaxing massage of silicone facial cleansing brush to meet the daily cleaning requirements of different skin quality for the spin spa cleansing facial.
  • Intelligent control time of spin spa cleansing facial brush -90 seconds intelligent start and stop, file position memory function, one button to enable control time .spin spa cleansing facial.
  • Adjustable acoustic frequency of spin spa cleansing facial brush - facial cleansing brush, 10000 times/minute sonic cleansing, 5 speed adjustable, from weak to strong, switch, sound and transparent skin.spin spa cleansing facial.
  • Ripple massager of spin spa cleansing facial brush -facial cleansing brush, Relax facial skin, facial cleansing brush promotes blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and promote the absorption of maintenance products. Let the skin be more slippery and delicate, radiate natural luster.spin spa cleansing facial brush
1.Humid the face with warm water, the water temperature is about 35 degrees
2. Take the usual cleansing milk to the intake, about 1-2 grams of 1cm, and add a proper amount of water to the intake
3. Press the mode key 1 times to start the bubble, and the foam comes out from the bubble mouth. Press a mode key again to start sonic vibration
4. From the inside to outside circular massage in the face, for the easy to oil T area and the cuticle hypertrophy of the U area focus on cleaning, a cleaning time recommended 90 seconds.
5. Cleansing products cannot be left on your face for a long time, and rinse in time. You will find that the full foaming face is easier to clean and will not feel tight.