50 Pcs Mini Makeup Sponge

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These Mini Foundation Puffs allows you to achieve beautiful makeup results when applying or blending foundation, blush, eye shadow and more. The soft material makes blending and contouring effortless, and conical shape ensure precise application and total control. These sponges also offer precision application around nose and eyes. Wash with warm water, squeeze out the excess moisture and let it air dry naturally. Gives flawless foundation application every single time when applying foundation or cream or concealer or blush.

  • Item Type: Cosmetic Puff
  • Material: Eco Polyurethane (non-latex)
  • Size: About 3.2 cm*2.4 cm

  • Smooth and soft sponge for applying dry/wet powder or foundation
  • Works especially well for hard-to-reach areas to set makeup and create a smooth finish
  • Can be cleaned with a mild detergent & water, then allow it to dry before reuse
  • You can use it when dry or wet, with foundation, BB cream, liquid concealer etc.
  • Notice: If used daily, we recommend washing your it once a week with a mild cleanser.

Package Includes: 50 Pcs Mini Makeup Sponges