1Pcs Round Angled Top Makeup Brush

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Your must- have tool for a gentle, everyday powder contour. Quickly sweep on blush or bronzer using this big, fluffy Soft Angled Contour. Super- soft yet firm with a gently angled shape, this brush facilitates a super- subtle, sculpted look.


- Fibers: Exclusive synthetic, antimicrobial fibers. Engineered to provide a better hold, application and optimal blending of the product.

- Ferrules: Durable, corrosion- resistant Sigma Alloy ferrules, precious- metal plating for shine plus strength.

- Handles: Each handle is made with responsibly- sourced, lightweight wood handles, layered with 8 coats of primer plus paint for lasting beauty.

Key Highlights:

- Unique feature: Soft, angled brush head

- Function: Simplified bronzing

- Coverage: Sheer to medium

- Bristle type: Made of Synthetic Fibres

- Recommended Use: Create an everyday contour with powder products

- Cruelty- free makeup brush