Putting makeup on is always fun and all, I even do it when I am bored sometimes. I love trying out new palettes, new blends and experimenting. However, if I sleep in some mornings, it is a bit of a drag to spend thirty minutes on my face. So I thought, there must be a way to balance not being late for school and having a decent face. Today’s blog post will talk about a few way in which you can simplify your makeup routine, these tricks will help save you time and effort. And for me, it will help with not being late for class.

I will be the first, or maybe last, to admit I have probably fifty plus bottles of products I have never touched. I often just jump to the products that covers two to three things in one. By this, I mean using products that do more than one duty. For example, tinted moisturizer, fat eyeliner that double as eyeshadow, concealer stick that also works as highlighter, etc. Using these products will help you save time and cross two things off of your list. One of my favourite duo product is a blush, bronzer and highlighter mixed. I use the Physicians Formula Super BB #InstaReady Contour Trio BB Stick is a must need! Don’t doubt this little stick because it can do lots. It twist upwards and has a flat, rounded rectangle shape. All you have to do is swipe, and blend it out gently. I use my beauty blender for this. It gives a perfect face contour and sculpt in less than a minute. 

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Another way to speed up your morning routine is by having an organized makeup table. Try separating all your products in different corners. If you don’t have a designated area for makeup, try having two to three makeup bags. This will, hands down, make your products search a whole lot faster. In addition to that, clean out your makeup bag once in a while. If you are like me, and like to hoard millions of products, perhaps try having two or three small makeup bags will the everyday products. I don’t know about you, but if all my makeup is stuffed in one makeup bag, I will probably spend more time looking for a product than actually applying stuff on my face.

Lipsticks have never really been my thing, if I am 100% honest. Why? Simply because it is too high maintenance. Compared to lip gloss or lip stain, these products are an easy swipe. Lipstick requires lip liner, then making sure nothing rubs on to your teeth, along with making sure your inner lips are clean. Plus the upside of lip gloss is that you can even apply it without a mirror, saving you one less thing to do! 

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The last tip and trick I have is from Romy Soleimani, she is a director for Beauty.com and she suggested dabbing a bit of Vaseline on the lips or cheekbones, it helps with a natural glow and saves you time trying all the other products. For a bit more colour, I found that using a cream blush for the lips and cheeks also works! Another small tip from her is using an eyelash curler to save time with the mascara!