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Best Products For Long Lasting Makeup

Makeup isn't made to last, we know that, but of course everyone wants their face to stay in place throughout the day! There seem to be more and more products coming out every day that promise to hold your makeup in place, or at least make it last longer - but do they actually all work? I've only been collecting a range of fixing sprays and primers for the last 6 months or so, but I reckon I've got a good collection of those that actually work at this point!

Nivea Post Shave Balm
This product pretty much blew up a few months ago when Kylie Jenner did a GRWM on Snapchat and showed us that she uses this as a primer (well, her makeup artist uses it on her, but still). Naturally, the whole beauty world went out and bought it and the reviews that I found were split right down the middle with half swearing by it and half hating it. I personally love this as a primer - it's really light on your face and it locks my makeup in all day long! I've tried a couple of different primers lately, but a lot of them are quite thick and sticky so I always seem to come back to this one.

Makeup Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray
Fixing sprays are something I just can't live without anymore and this particular one is perfect for my skin type. I have super oily skin so naturally by the end of the day my face is so shiny that you could probably see your reflection it in. Even with a face powder on top of my foundation the shine still creeps through - and that combined with my highlighter does look a bit ridiculous. I've not had this fixing spray for too long but I've used it every day since it arrived and I would 100% recommend it for anyone with oily skin or struggling with a shiny face. My face is still matte and looks just as fresh as when it was applied by the time I go to take my makeup off !

Benefit Ready Set Brow
Brows are probably my favorite part of my makeup routine and I definitely spend more time on them than anything else, so of course I don't want that work to go to waste. After filling my brows in I use the Benefit Ready Set Brow gel which is simply a gel formula in a cute little bottle with a strange shaped brush that neatens any stray hairs and makes sure my brows stay in place. It's so easy to use because you're simply just brushing over your brows (not too hard though, you don't want to take the colour off) and you're ready to go. I use this before my fixing spray too, so with the spray on top they're super secure.



Toothbrush Brushes
This isn't so much a product, it's more of a tool but I find that it fits into this group quite nicely. I only bought one of these brushes because I just wanted to give it a go before taking the plunge and splashing out on a whole set. At first I really didn't like it, probably because it's so different to my usual brushes and sponges, but it's really grown on me lately. I use it mainly when I feel like I need a bit more coverage (anyone else have random uneven days?) and yes, I know full coverage doesn't mean it's going to stay in place, but I've found that every time I've applied my makeup with this brush, it's a lot more durable.



Loose Face Powder
As I've said before, my skin is oily so a face powder of any kind is sort of essential for me because I just can't get away with that dewy finish. At the minute I'm just using a cheap loose powder from Primark which isn't the most amazing product I've ever used, but it does the job. I bought it specifically to give baking a try (not the cake kind) and it does work. I'm sure a lot of people will be familiar with baking but if you're not it basically applying powder to certain areas of your face and leaving it to set for 10-15 minutes before dusting it off, allowing the powder to set in any creases. I only really do this under my eyes, but I've found that since I've started doing this my under-eye makeup has lasted so much longer than usual!



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