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10 Skincare Tips Everyone Should Master

I'm creating a quick little list of easy ways to protect your skin! It's the summer time and fall is right around the corner, so it's a great time to create a regime. Here are some awesome easy ways to have amazing skin!  

 1| Sunscreen

This is probably the most easiest thing you can do yet people forget to do this so often. Its super easy now a days to put on some spf because most lotions, serums and even some foundations include it in their products! Find some asap! It helps preserve your skin so when we're 60 we can still look fab!


2| Drink WATER!

It's that simple. Water can make a huge difference in your skin. Don't believe cut out sugary juices and soda for two weeks and just drink water. You will be able to see the differences!


3| Use a face mask!


Face masks are awesome! They help you remove dead skin and take the toxins out of your skin. Charcoal masks are the best since they specialize in removing toxins. They also help reduce wrinkles! 


4| Remove your makeup !

You would be surprised as to how many people sleep in makeup. It is so bad for your skin and ages you! Remove your makeup always before bed. Also using facial wipes should not be the only way you remove your makeup. You absolutely need to wash your face.


5| Night Creams

I've heard of night creams doing wonders for your face. I also only hear older women using it, but it can really be beneficial for women of all ages. Night creams are known to reduce wrinkles, even your skin tone, help with clear skin and so much more.


6| Use Toner

Toner is something that everyone should be using! It really does help clear your skin as well as tone your complexion. 


7| Moisturize


Moisturize your skin in general! Not just your face when you put on makeup moisturize your entire body. Shea and Coconut butter are my favorite things to use! try them out! 


8| Eat Almonds

I just found out that almonds stop inflammation of the skin. It can help prevent fine lines, saggy skin, and red patches. So eat your almonds!


9| Don't Smoke

Do I even have to get into how bad smoking is??? It actually brings out wrinkles faster and decreases blood flow to the face. STOP SMOKING!


10| Stress!

Did you know that stress can cause serious acne? Stress triggers break outs! You can literally see stress on peoples faces. It sucks. You have to be able to manage your stress as much as possible.  

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