Time is money and curling your hair usually takes a lot of time. And when you don’t take a lot of time, chances are your curls won’t last long. Today, I will be sharing my tips and tricks on how to curl your hair in a 5 minutes time span AND those bouncy curls will last you 24 hours.

I personally have straight hair so it’s tough to keep my curls lasting a few hours, let alone the whole day. I have experimented with professional $300 tools to Conair tools. My lasting favourite is the Brilliance New York curling rod and their hair straightener. I also use a few hair products that helps finish my curls.

5 Minutes Count Down

5 min: (Make sure your hair is dry; using heated tools on wet hair can really damage your hair.) I start off with applying the 100% proof treatment by Drybar to keep my hair in a heathy state while using hot tools. This treatment works a bit like a serum too so it makes my hair very smooth and tangled free to work with. Applying the treatment takes around half a minute. My hair is usually pretty straight, but I take a quick 30 seconds to straighten out any random curls/weird ends; the straighter your hair is the easier it is to curl. While I do this, I plug in my curler to heat up. The Brilliance of New York one take around 30 seconds to heat up; I usually set it to 430ºF.

4 min: I part my hair and tie up the upper layer. This way it is easier to work with the bottom curls. I then brush my hair in sections to make sure it’s not tangled. Even if you have thin hair, it’s important to split your hair in sections, it is a lot easier working with small sections.

3-2 min: Some people might find curling irons with the clamp is easier to use. I however think the wand is easier just because my hair sometimes get caught in the clamp. With the wand, I start near the top of my hair and wrap a piece of hair around the iron. The only tricky thing is how you have to use your hands to hold the end of the hair in place with curling it; I find that using a heated protected glove can really help from burning your hands (one comes with the BNY curling rod). I keep my hair wrapped around the rod for around 10-15 seconds (this will be something you have to play with to see how thick your hair is; I have medium fine hair).

1 min: The last minute is for fixing some loose ends and making sure those curls last. I spray the curls with Tresemmeextra hold hairspray. I also spray a coat of Gold Mine (by Drybar), it is a shimmering leave in conditioner to it helps from your curls poofing up. It really helps with enhancing shine and fighting frizz. And best of all, it sparkles!