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"How to use Hair Sprays-Tips and Precaution"

I think we can all agree that hair spray is one of the greatest inventions for our hair! Now as simple as using hair spray may seem,most women (and men) tend to use hair spray completely wrong! Now below I’m going to give you tips and precautions on how to use your hairspray wisely!

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  1. The most common mistake is that people spray their hair sprays entirely to close to their heads. You should be holding the can about 12 inches away from your head when spraying.


  1. Keep spray away from heat! We sometimes get so lost in doing our hair and next thing you know the flat iron is next to the hair spray. Be cautiousan keep it away from heat!


  1. Find the hair spray that works best for you! Not all hair sprays are the same, so take the time to find one that works best with your hair.


  1. If you’re one of those girls that’s always on the go, look for one of your favorite hair sprays in a mini size. That way you can keep it in your bag and bring it out when necessary!


  1. Some hair sprays can also be used on your body as a moisturizer. See if your hair spray doubles as one.


  1. Remember that even your hair becomes slightly flammable after use. Keep your hair away from open flames (Hibachi, matches, lighters, etc).


  1. Store your hair spray in a cool place. If you know that your bathroom gets super hot in the summer that might not be where you want to keep your spray!


  1. Hair spray not only creates a sheen but adds volume to your hair. Make sure you spray your ends to create an amazing look!


  1. For my curly girls adding hair spray is an amazing way to set your curls!


 10. Also for those strands that can't seem to stay down hair spray will also help you lay your hair down flat!


I hope these tips and precautions have served you well. Until next time!


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By StephRoyalty

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