Hey there baby dolls!!! So, honestly, let’s have some girl talk. I’m almost certain I’m not the only one who goes to bed fully made up (sometimes) cause I’m just too lazy to remove my makeup. We all do it. I mean, seriously, who wants the hassle of trying to remove waterproof mascara, or gel liner? Not me!!! So today’s blog will hopefully help us all out when it comes to quickly removing the day from our faces. Of course my very first suggestion would be to try the natural things. You know, things you already have in the fridge, or cupboard. These tend to cause less stress and overall damage to the skin in the long run. With that being said:

1. EVOO (Extra Virgin Oil)

Dab a bit of olive oil onto a cotton pad, or swab. Gently sweep towards the inner corner of the eye (pulling the skin toward the outer corner causes fine lines and tears the ever sensitive skin under the eye) Olive oil is also excellent for removing falsies.

2. Coconut Oil

Use the same technique mentioned above. I personally love this one…

If you’re one of those super busy girls who prefer the convenience of products, try these…they’re awesome and almost as gentle as their natural doppelgangers…

 3. Baby Lotion

This tip is one of my faves. If you’re going to opt for a product, try baby lotion, or oil. I especially love this for removing waterproof mascara or gel liner. Just take little bit and dab it on a cotton swab or q-tip. This is an awesome tip because you get the extra moisture and oil free, soap free benefits, with awesome cleaning. It literally wipes right off

4. Baby Shampoo

If you require an extra bit of power, but still gentle cleansing all over the face, try baby shampoo. The No Tears formula is gentle on the skin and eyes. This works just as well as the lotion.

5. Facial Cleansing Wipes

I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE THESE!!!! I keep these in my make up case. They’re excellent, quick and do not irritate the skin. I use them on all skin types. They leave a fresh, clean feel.


6. Under Eye Cream/Cold Cream Cleanser

CLEANSER Use a bit of your under eye cream for extra moisture and to remove that stubborn mascara or liner. Your eyes will appreciate the extra moisture on this delicate skin. Use a cold cream cleaner to remove foundation and concealer to avoid build up


7. Makeup Remover

For the lazy girl in all of us. LOL Easily accessible, tested, oil free, sensitive skin, high priced, drug store, name brand, generic….the options are endless.

8. Cotton Pads and Q-Tips

No matter which product you decide to use, be sure to keep these nifty little tools on hand. Tissue, paper towel, even a wash cloth can be too rough on the face. If the skin is irritated with excessive scrubbing or rough material it can cause small tears, resulting in premature wrinkles, as well as breakouts.

Well, that’s it for me dolls!!! Happy removing!!! Hope you learned and enjoyed reading. Be sure to LIKE it, share it, repost it save it!! Follow my Insta @queenoftheglammed_mua and LIKE and follow my Facebook page www.facebook.com/queenoftheglammed for pix, videos and upcoming events featuring my work. Subscribe to My Make Up Brush Set for special deals and blog updates!!!! Love ya!!!


-Angie Brand