When choosing a foundation there are some things to keep in mind; for example, What’s your skin type? Do you have oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, or sensitive skin. Next, What’s something you don’t like about foundations? That it irritates your skin, that it makes you look cakey because its too heavy, or that it makes your skin look dull, these are some things to consider. Other things to consider are, for example, what kind of look are you going for? Dewy, Natural, Even, or Matte. What are you trying to hide by wearing foundation? Fine lines and/ or brown spots, Redness, Large Pores and/ or acne, or maybe you’re not trying to hide anything and just want to blend minor imperfections.


When choosing your shade you can either get color-matched by a trained makeup artist or just swipe shades along your jaw line to take into account the color of your neck, which in most cases is paler than your face. Another place to swipe would be the inside part of your wrist because in most cases its light as well. When shopping for drugstore foundations most of the store brands have complexion matching applications on their website. In most stores like Wal-Mart, CVS or Rite Aid you are allowed to return makeup even if its been opened and grab another shade, but when in doubt you can always grab a darker color because when blended well you’ll just look tanned rather than grabbing a lighter color and looking pale and chalky.



Bella Moore