Hair accessories have been a thing from centuries. Early on women used flowers to accessorize their mane and as the time progressed bows, hair bands and clips of all sorts found a staple place in the market. If you aren’t good at styling your hair, a chic hair piece can immediately transform your overall look.

Headbands: These are a favorite of many and will become yours too! The gossip girl trend set by Blair Waldorf has never given up its momentum and is my personal go to. Just be sure that your pick the right one and feel comfortable wearing it. There are many styles of hair bands available. Embellished ones, Floral ones, Plain ones, Plaited hair bands etc.

Bandanas: The trend of the 70’s-90’s is back and it’s here to stay. It is perfect to fix a bad hair day and is pretty easy to tie. Check out this video for quick and easy 1 min bandana hairstyles.

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Flowers: Perfect to add a touch of spring-summer in your hair. You could use real flowers or just add a fake floral clip/band. It instantly brightens up the whole attire  and is ideal for an effortless look.

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Butterfly clips: Butterfly clips were the hottest thing of the 90’s and we aren’t surprised that it’s coming back. From Kristen Dunst to Scarlett Johansson celebs rocked this accessory almost everywhere. Recently North West was seen sporting butterfly clips and she nailed it.

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Embellished bobby pins: Bobby pins are one thing, and then there are the embellished ones. Which are complete game changers. These bad boys instantly lift up the overall look of your hairstyle and make it look like you’ve taken time to tame your mane.

Hair Donut: A Hair donut is used to make the perfect donut bun. It adds volume to your usual buns and also gives the illusion of bigger and voluminous hair. It is easy to use and wear. In case you don’t own one. You could totally try the sock bun. Check out this easy and quick sock bun tutorial for more information.

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Bows: Happiness comes in all sizes and so does the classic bow. Bows are what dreams are made of, effortless, quick and princess-y way of stepping up your hair game. These have been around from decades and are a perfect go to. Keep one in your purse or in locker to add a feminine touch to your hairstyle. These look great on buns, braids, loose hair which is tied together using a bow. Just like in the picture shown below.

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 So, these are some of my favourite hair accessories. Don’t forget to experiment and have fun styling your hair. After all there are a lot of accessories; you’ll eventually find something that works great for your hair! My personal favourite go to is a messy bun with a bow on top. What’s yours? Do share it with us in the comments below.