Summer is the season of weddings so it's only fitting that we go over proper wedding etiquette. A lot of people don't know this but there is a proper way to dress for weddings. So no that dress you wore to the club last weekend is probably not the best idea for the wedding you're going to. Below I'm going to give you guys 5 tips on dressing properly for a wedding! 


Recently my friend purchased a dress for a wedding sh was going to and it was a red skin tight dress with a slit going al the way up to the upper thigh. It was a super sexy dress for a very intimate laid back wedding. Long story short she rethought the dress and got something a little more classic. Im not saying that you can't wear something sexy just make sure you know the feel of he wedding and have an idea of how the bride might feel if she sees you.  

Rule #2 Look into the Location

This is so vital because of course you will know how to coordinate your wardrobe. The shoes you wear to a rooftop wedding may not be the same ones u would wear to a beach one. Check out the location and figure out how you want to dress. If it's inside there might be air conditioning and you may want to bring a light jacket. So it's super important to have an idea of the location! 


 Rule #3  Never wait last minute for an outfit

Please don't be one of those people that waits two days before a wedding to find an outfit. Rushing to find something to wear is this worst! You run the risk of picking something you don't really like or spending way more money than you wanted to. Plan at least three weeks ahead to find something for the wedding! 



#Rule 4 Wear Comfortable Shoes


You ever go to a wedding that's not on time? Or how about one that you have to leave the location to go somewhere else for the reception? For some reason weddings tend to require a lot of walking or standing around. Wear comfortable shoes! This is not the time to wear those heels that hurt your feet five minutes in. Weddings are usually about 3-4 hours generally so take that into account when choosing shoes.



Rule #5 Look GOOD! 

If you're single weddings tend to usually be a great place to meet other singles. So its the perfect time to look amazing! I usually always suggest a dress for summer weddings because its so hot who wants to be in pants. Add a cute shoe and even a clutch to add hat extra oomph to your outfit! Oh and don't forget the accessories.  


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