There is nothing better than an easy minimal effort hairstyle. These are the perfect hairstyle for lazy people but who want to look great. It takes very little effort but turns out great. Saves time, saves the amount of product used and (sometimes) even less damage.

This is a classic: the messy bun. The key is to add a headband that will give a bit more volume in the front and also an accessory.  It also totally have the ballerina look to it! 

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Also playing the headband is to have your hair in the high pony tail. The headband this time will help with keep the fly away hair in place. This is also great if your hair is a bit oily, because it hides away it. Adding a bit of dry shampoo could help too. Ashley Tisdale knows how to rock it!  

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A small twist on the side is easy to do and makes a super cute hairstyle too. If your hair is naturally wavy, take a bobby pin or two, twist a small portion of your hair and bobby pin and tuck it in the back of your ear.  

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A few more here, that LOOKS kind of complicated, but when you try it, it is most definitely not even close to hard! A few of these are perfect for a typical day out, or even to a party. If you are beginner try out the braid wrap around pony tail. Going for a fancy night out, impress everyone with the hair bow!


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Short hair can still have a lots of fun! Check these cool hairstyles out by Kayley on Youtube. They are so easy to follow along and super cute especially for the Summer!

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Another easy way to be creative is by dying your hair. That way your hair will look super cool even without doing anything to it. But this is definitely a more damaging style to your hair compared to the other ones. All of the hairstyle uses minimal tools, and products – it’s the au-natural ways!