When I got assigned this topic, I couldn’t be more excited! I have a mental-list of 10 must have bags in which I am in the process to full-filling. I will try to incorporate a few “IT” bags and a few of my personal (a bit more affordable) favourites! Also, all my purses are black, or to a darker nature of colour. I don’t own any colourful pieces, so I will try to focus on the model of the purses, rather than the colours! I hope you all enjoy this blog post, and comment on what your favourite go-to bag is!

  1. Heremes Birkin: Casually starting off this blog post with a $6 000 and up purse PLUS up to a two year waiting time. Nevertheless this bag holds century of history to it. It is an iconic piece by actress Jane Birkin. This is hands down, a symbol of luxury and sophistication – and Sex and the City!


(Image: http://bonjourart.blogspot.ca/2011/02/hermes-birkin-bag.html)

  1. Marc JacobsStam: I can definitely say my personal number one brand is Marc Jacobs. The next three models are all by Marc. Let’s start with the classic that is Marc Jacobs Stam. This purse was under the radar until 2005, and now pretty much every one has one. The quitted grained leather and the antiqued brass shoulder strap and inscribed kiss lock clasp gives this urban modern look a vintage twist! This purse also has a smaller version, the Baby Stam, it is a smaller clutch size purse, as featured in the 2006 Spring show.


(Image: http://www.sunrainey.com/marc-jacobs-quilted-mini-stam-springsummer-2011.html)

3.The Percy Q: This crossbody purse is a personal favourite, rather than an iconic piece. The price of this purse is well worth it, and the quality, like any Marc Jacobs, is fantastic for an everyday on the go purse. It fits lots, along with a small zipped compartment on the inside. The strap is adjustable too!


(Image: http://www.graziashop.com/item/marc-by-marc-jacobs/percy-classic-q-mini-bag/BBDT)

4.Hillier Hobo: Another favourite rather than an iconic piece. This is the first designer purse I got for school. The hobo is such a versatile purse perfect for school and going out. Again, this purse is a fit all purse. I use to put all my notebooks and my tablet in it. It started to get quite worn out over time because of daily use, but this purse has lasted me for four years, and it was so worth!


(Image: http://hauteofftherack.com/youre-gonna-hear-me-roar-two-ways/)

  1. 5. Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30: I mean one Louis Vuitton purse had to make it on my list. This canvas speedy is more classic than trendy, and is great to wear all year round. This purse makes a practical go-to because of the roomy interior and gold hardware. The price for this purse is more reasonable compared to others. Some say it’s too over-used, but it will always be a must-have on my list (fingers crossed for my birthday!)


(Image: http://images2.chictopia.com/photos/MeganQuint/7634142735/speedy-30-louis-vuitton-bag-leopard-print-gojanecom-belt_400.jpg)

  1. Going back to a few iconic piece; Fendi Spy: starting price at $2 100, this one I actually don’t mind the honey spy, rather than my all black purse collection. The design of this purse is not like the others, it isn’t a tote or a hobo, it’s just the “Fendi Spy” shape. It also features a few hidden compartments perfecting the overall design of the purse.


(Image: http://www.bagbliss.com/fendi/fendi-spy-bag-ashlee-simpson/)

  1. Diorever: I have never been a big fan of Dior, but the new Diorever purse is kinda cute I got to admit. It is a cutting-edge urban tote, with classic beauty and clean lines. It’s reversible flap is a focal point but a classy look at the same time. The prices start at $2 950 for the mini and large is at $3 900. It isn’t one of my top purses to buy at the moment, but I would like to have one in the future!

  2. Coach Swagger 20: As a former Coach employee, I obviously have to add this in. The Swagger 20 is the perfect bag for work and school. It fits all my notebooks and tablet in perfectly, along with my other necessities. Their Fall collection last year was to die for, I was in love with so many of their pieces! The nomad is also a personal favourite! The most notable tweak of the Swagger collection that I love is the chain strap and the light details of metal hardware.

(Image: http://www.purseblog.com/coach/coach-swagger/)

I’ll keep the last three designer consistent, all starting with the letter C.

  1.  Chanel Flap Bag: this is of course the most important piece of fashion in history. There are two kinds of flap bag, the single and the double flap, but sadly, the single flap have been discontinued. But I have been keeping my eye on Ebay and there seems to be a bunch of double flap for resale!


(Image: https://www.vintageheirloom.com/shop/vintage-chanel-large-classic-single-flap-bag-12062015/)




  1. And another C, is Chloe! I have to start be mentioning how much I adore the Chloe eau de parfume – number one on my fragrance list! Chloe Drew Bag: this modernized saddle bag is so chic! It has a slightly hobo undertone but none of that fringe like material. The size of this purse is the perfect cross body to keep the few essentials – but definitely stepping up the notch with a dash of class.

(Image: http://www.thefrontrowview.com/2015/06/street-style-spotting-chloe-drew-bag.html)