1. Beanie

Beanies have become super popular not only in men’s fashion, but women’s fashion. Wearing a loose beanie that covers your ears can be very stylish and helps keep you warm during the winter.



  1. Fedora

It’s never too cold to wear a fedora! Don’t pack away your spring hats just because it’s winter. Pairing a fedora with a chunky knit sweater, flannel scarf and winter boots are a great way to make use of your fedora’s during the winter.



  1. Floppy hat

Your favorite floppy summer hat can be re-worn again during the winter! By pairing it up with a fur vest and some long riding boots, your floppy hat can add some detail and texture to your outfit.


  1.  Toque

The classic winter toque is the best way to stay warm this winter.




  1. Earmuff Headband

Earmuff headbands have become super popular over the past year. Lots of people like wearing the front knotted earmuff headbands as a hat during the winter to add detail to their outfit and keep their ears warm outside.



  1. Bowler hat

Bowler hats are a fun way to add a vintage vibe to your outfit. They can be great all year long.

  1. Knitted hats

If you have a passion for knitting, knitted hats are the perfect winter hats for you!



  1. Baseball cap

Although wearing a baseball cap isn’t the warmest idea…. Baseball caps can easily be paired with a winter wardrobe to create a great outfit.