Fall & Spring calls for bi-polar weather (especially in Canada). When I leave home in the morning it's cold and chilly. But, at the end of the day it's sunny and I am sweating in my jacket.But don't fret, because dressing in layers can help. But it's also important to layer without bulking up. So my blog post for today talks about how to layer up without bulking up. There are definitely easy and, of course, stylish ways to bundle up.


Tip One: One of the most important key to layering is starting off with the thing layers first. For example, a cami or tank top underneath is the best way to go. Then, maybe a light long sleeve blouse. Lastly, add a knit sweater on top of it all. So, when you end up going inside, you can get rid of the thickest layer first. (Image)

Tip Two: A toasty turtleneck keeps you just as warm as a bulky sweater (of course, minus the bulk). It is a perfect wear that keeps you warm without adding too much to your outfit. Don't forget to add a dash of glitter or sparkle to your outfit to add some statement. I recommend the UniqloHeattech Fleece Turtleneck Long Sleeve, $14.90; it's a simple piece but made with top quality. It is definitely worth the price. (Image)










Tip Three: This is an everyday tip, regardless of the season; although this tip fits into the category of layering.Wear a bustier top over a dress. I learn this type on Instyle a while back. They suggested a fluid style made of a fine material- I got to admit, it does work best. I got a chance to try this out with longer midi styles, and it helped elongate my frame. (Image)


Tip Four: As much as some people hate leggings, I love it. I wear them during all four seasons because they simply go with everything. Like, you can't go wrong with leggings. Anyways, leggings are a lifesaver during winter time because you can wear them under any pair of pants and the retain heat like a jam. They are tight, so they don't add bulk to your outfit at all. You can wear them over jeans, sweatpants, yoga pants, etc. Finish off the look with a versatile overcoat and a pair of retro ankle boots and ta-da, perfect uniform for Fall.

Tip Five: I am starting to the dig the vest trend. I use to hate it, but it does really come in handy for a layered look. (See the below image) Like I mentioned earlier, starting off with a turtleneck can never go wrong. It's warm and a simple piece to add a tad of colour. I just love mixing fall and winter pieces together. Try sticking with classic colours that are more neutral base so it doesn't look sloppy and all over the place. Top the whole outfit off with a vest to keep it toasty. I think vest really helps brings out the layer and complete the whole outfit.


Tip Six: My last tip goes out to belts. Belts really help keep our bulky outfit in place. Belts help define the waist, but it takes to get it right. If it's not done right, it will make you look even larger and bulkier than you really are. Play around with it; it's important to wear it around the smallest part of your waist. Both skinny and wide belts do the trick. I have started looking for more outer jacket with belts on it. I find that it really helps slim down the overall outfit. (Image)