During the fashion week in New York I was inspired by a lot of new hair styles. And I am not referring to the vant garde, hi-concept hairstyles, but styles that were an approachable everyday look. I have gathered a few hair trends for Fall and Winter that are worth trying out.

The headband style was previewed in the Richard Chai Love collection. I tend to find that hair accessories always make a comeback sometime in the year. You can't go wrong with a headband; it really gives off a clean sleek look. It also keeps your hair out of your face while looking you put in little effort to do so. I would say definitely a classic everyday look. There are also many types of hairbands that can be accessorized with. I particular love the feather turban headband by Zara; it is such a timeless cozy piece. 






I absolutely love this cut. The cut ditches the layers and instead it forms an angled, collarbone length shape. It helps plays up the cheekbones and gives the face a flattering frame. The symmetrical style of the style gives off a very sophisticated and classy look. Throw on a nice coat of red lipstick just like Emilia Clarke did to complete the look.








Ariana Grande bought back the high pony tail look and it is sure catching on. The high pony tail looks create drama and a fierce look. As seen on Beyoncé and Rita Ora, plus many other celebs this season. This look pulls the hair up tight and finish with an extra oomph of volume. This hair works best when used with a curling iron through the end of the hair. 








 As Harpers Bazaar says "You know what they say about the mullet: business in the front, party in the back. The half bun is sort of like that, only it's flattering and all the cool girls are doing it." this is how they described the half bun hair trend. I love it! What they are saying is so true too; it is kind of a in between a messy ponytail featuring a ballerina bun. Even Kate Middleton pulled off the hair trend and it looks gorgeous on her. This is definitely a very loungy look, yet young and polished. Tip: it's important to texturize the hair vigorously before teasing the hair into a bun.







Ooh,I was SO inspired by the unique hair trends from the Balmain Hair collection a few weeks ago. Although they are not hair styles that everyone can pull off, they are most definitely inspiring. It ranges from messy braids to cool curls and dip-dyed rainbow hair styles. All of these hairstyles have a tease of messiness and au-natural in it but at the same time so stylish!