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10 Best New Lipstick Shades for the fall

We have already started the fall season which of course means we have to update our fall makeup! Today we’re going to concentrate on the top new fall lipstick colors you should have in your makeup bag. Now there’s this really hot company that I think you guys will love called THE LIP BAR. It’s a sexy lipstick company that’s making a splash all over the makeup world. Now let’s get into these colors!

This newPurpleRainlip color (photo’ed above) is absolutely necessary for those late night dinners with the girls. It’s vivacious and really pops out and completes your outfit!


Bright red a little too much for you? Try out their Whiskey Sour lipstick which is a burnt orange color. It’s the perfect Red/Orange mix to spice up your day.

Are you the adventurous type? Try out their highly popular highly pigmented Blue M*thaF*cka lipstick! It’s a bright, bold look that only the confident can pull off. Hey is you’re not that confident Halloween is around the corner…


If you’re still feeling bold try out their London Fog lipstick which is a light grey HIGHLY POPULAR color. It’s currently sold out so watch out for their restock!


COSMO is a really sexy RED lip color of there’s that’s always a makeup staple. Red lipstick looks amazing no matter what time of day it is. Something about red lips always sets an outfit off in the best way!

More of the conservative girl? They have a really sexy nude called Chocolate Spritzer, which is a cocoa nude. A little darker than the normal nude but gives the same sleek sophisticated effect. The perfect lipstick for a day at the office or a coffee date.


Like to vamp it up on the weekends? The perfect shade to try this fall is LipBar’sNoir. Dark purple lipstick has been so popular these last two years might as well add it to your makeup trunk! If that’s a little too dark for you, Sweet Shiraz is a little brighter but gives you that same dark lip effect!


Vesper is the “hot pink” color in their collection. It’s definitely worth snagging, who doesn’t need a nice pink lipstick to even out the red’s and blue’s of their lipstick collection!?

Amaretto Sour anyone? To me this is the sexiest color in their new collection. It gives me a hint of orange with a slab of nude! It’s such a bold color to wear on a beautiful fall day. It actually reminds me of pumpkin spice and fall leaves! What an awesome combination.

Hopefully we helped you guys find a few awesome colors to rock this fall!


images used were from LipBar’s Instagram



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