This spring there are so many fashion trends that are easy and affordable to try. Here are five of my favorite looks:

  1. The boyfriend jean

Boyfriend jeans can be one of the most comfortable yet stylish jeans to wear. From day to night, distressed or cropped, they are easy to throw on for a laid back day at home or to dress up for an evening out.  Not long ago I purchased a pair of cropped boyfriend jeans from American Eagle and they are one of my favorite pairs of jeans to wear. They’re super comfortable but also a very versatile piece in my closet. Here are two different looks that you can create with a boyfriend jean.

  1. Casual

For a super casual look, boyfriend jeans can be paired with a cute pair of Converse, TOMS or sandals with either a crop top or a loose fitted t-shirt on top.

  1. A night out

To dress up a boyfriend jean, all it takes is a cute leather jacket or fancier tank top, paired with a sleek pair of heels and some cute accessories.


  1. Stacked rings

Accessories can be an awesome way to add texture to your outfit. Layering mid finger rings, pinky rings, knuckle rings and two finger rings have become super trendy and it’s something I personally love the look of. This trend is also super affordable. Places like Forever 21, H&M or online stores like Etsy sell them for very affordable prices.


3. The Jogger pant/harem pants

Jogger pants are not only popular for women, but have become just as trendy in menswear. Just like the boyfriend jean, jogger pants are super comfortable and can be worn out for coffee or to a fancy dinner. Denim joggers, patterned joggers or even just neutral joggers can be paired with a relaxed tee and cute flats or a fancier pair of heels. Here are two different looks you can create with the jogger pant.

  1. Casual

For a casual look, neutral joggers can be paired with a simple plain t-shirt and a pair of strappy sandals.

  1. A night out

For a night out, pairing leather or patterned joggers with a cute crop top and strappy heels are simple way to dress up a comfortable pant. Also adding bolder accessories or a bolder lip color can create an edgier look.




4. Crop Top and Skirt Sets

Although I don’t personally own a crop top and skirt set (because I’m still looking for the perfect one), I’m obsessed with the crop top and matching skirt trend. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Taylor Swift have all worn these sets and they continue to become more and more popular. Something that lots of people don’t know is that you don’t always need to buy the crop top and skirt as a set, but that it’s super easy to create your own set. Here’s how:

  1. Purchase a neutral crop top or patterned crop top and a neutral or patterned skirt separately and then pair them together. (Places like Forever 21 or Zara have great patterned skirts that can easily be paired together with a neutral crop top you might already own)



  1. If you like to take risks and are feeling creative, create your own set using a dress. Press here to see how.

Also, this trend is great for all shapes and sizes. If you’re less confident about your body shape, you may choose to buy a looser crop top and a flared skirt, or if you want to show off your curves, you can choose a more fitted skirt.

Denim on denim

When the denim shirt first came out, many people didn’t think that it could be paired with a pair of jeans. Many still think that a denim shirt is best paired with a pair of leggings or just black jeans, but I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN PAIR A DENIM SHIRT WITH A BLUE JEAN. Here’s how.

  1. Pick different shades

If your denim shirt is a lighter shade of blue, choose a pair of jeans that is a bit darker or vice versa.

  1. Break up your outfit by adding colored accessories

If you only have a denim shirt that is the exact same color as your jeans, no problem! With a white t-shirt, a brown belt or even a colored clutch you can add some texture to your outfit, making it just as trendy.



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