Going to work can be a great time to take a break from your usual style to try new looks. Here are five style tips to spice up your work attire.

  1. Wear bolder colors

Whether you have a summer job in retail or an everyday business job, wearing bold colors can help to change up your style.

Here are two ways to play with color to achieve a business casual look.

  1. Wear a bold colored or patterned blouse with neutral pants

  2. Wear a bold colored or patterned bottom with a neutral top


2. Accessorize

Even if your work place has a strict dress code, using accessories is the best way to play around with your look. Whether you add a belt, wear a bold shoe color, add a scarf or an oversized bag, it can help you create the look you are trying to achieve.

Here are two ways to play around with accessories.

  1. Wear a statement necklace

  2. Wear an oversized watch or clutch



3. Play with different makeup looks

If your work place has a specific dress code where you can’t accessorize or wear bolder colors, makeup is the next best thing to help create different looks.

Here are two ways to use makeup to create a unique look.

  1. Wear a bold lipstick

  2. Create a daytime smokey eye


4. Mix Patterns

Like wearing bolder colors, mixing patterns has become really trendy. If you don’t have as many accessories to play around with, pairing two patterned items together can actually create a more versatile look. This technique can sometimes be difficult for people, as they are unsure of which patterns to mix. Press here to learn more about how to mix patterns!

5. Layering!


Layering is an awesome way to add depth to your outfit. Recently, it has become super trendy to tie a plaid or flannel shirt around your waist to create texture. If you don’t think that trend is work appropriate for your work space, layering can also just mean putting a colored tank top under a neutral shirt and letting it peak out the bottom. Using different jackets or scarfs can also help to achieve a specific look. Press here to learn more about how to create the perfect layered outfit.