Bags are an essential part of your everyday wardrobe from mornings, evenings, to night life. It may complete your outfit or even dress up your look. Holding your everyday things, collecting junk, or over packing stuff that you think need but end up making your bag even heavier! Bags are a necessity and they even add a bit personality to your look. Here are the top 10 bags every women should have in their closet.

1.Over-Size Purse

Over size bags are perfect if you're going to be out and about. You can carry all your essentials all in one purse. I personally love over size bags because, I use it as a diaper bag as well. Great for fitting personal items that I need for myself and my son. Instead of carrying two bags I only have to carry one. Killing two birds with one stone in style.

2.Book Bag

Every women should at least have one in their collection. With so many designs to choose from you can go anywhere from feminine to masculine. What’s great about a book bag is that its hands free and with the two straps it provides comfort to your shoulder.


For those days when you just want to be hands free and carry important things like your phone, wallet, and car keys. This bag is great for shopping running errands, and meeting up with your girlfriends for a quick lunch break. I love using my cross body bag when I'm on vacation at a theme park its like a fanny pack but more acceptable and appealing to the eye.

Eco-friendly, simple, and casual; tote bags are a great way to store your grocery when going shopping to help reduce using plastic. The reason why I love using tote bags are because it is machine washable. Great for working women and busy moms.


Clutches are the It bags when you are going out to a fancy dinner or a night out at the club. Lightweight, small, and compact. It can be a fashion statement depending on the design, If you want to be more glamourous go for crystals and glitter. If you want a more trendy and edgy look try leather or spikes. Some clutches have a hidden chain so you won't have to hold it.

6.Duffle Bag

When you're staying overnight or going on a short trip, duffle bags are the perfect size for all your clothing and toiletries.

7.Pop of color

When you have nothing to wear or just wearing all black outfit try pairing it with a cobalt blue purse to spice up your look and to give it a trendy chic appearance.

8.Classic black bag

A plain black bag is a important piece to your collection. It won't clash any of your outfit no matter how plain or colorful your wardrobe may be that day. It will be your most used bag.


Need to run into the store real quick and run some errands ? Don't want to bring your heavy bag? Well the wristlet is the right match for you! Quick and ready to go, you can just store your credit card and your ID and your ready to go. The great thing about wristlets is that it can double up as a wallet for your regular bag.

10.Gym Bag

Getting in shape or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important. Having a cute gym bag will motivate you to go out and be active. Great for storing yoga mats, workout clothes, and equipment its all in one bag for you ready to go.