In 2022, people are more conscious about their looks, style, and fashion. Everyone wears makeup daily and became an essential part of today’s life. “All women are pretty without makeup - but with the right makeup can be more pretty powerful.” Stay tuned for the trendy makeup looks of 2022 and shop with us to attain the top looks of your own at

Double Winged Eyeliner

A new trendy outlook has begun to evolve in 2022, i.e, Double Winged Eyeliner. Although it emerged during the 60s, floating eyeliner, as it is likewise called, is fit as a fiddle today. In its most simple form, double-winged eyeliner involves first applying liner to the top lash, extending it outward, and ending in a winged tip. Then, a second wing is applied along the bottom lash line that echoes the top. Buy now at

Overlined Lips

Full lips are something to be wanted, however not every person is normally given the volume in their frown to get this look consistently. Currently, these are trending in social media; fillers and injectables are commonly used by many but are not applicable and affordable to all. Start by lightly drawing liner over the corners first, filling in the top and bottom parts of the lips is much easier. This allows for a more natural-looking contour. Choose your lip-liner at

Sunburnt Blush

“Sunburn blush” is a new makeup trend going viral on the internet. The trend involves over-blushing to mimic a sunburn, sans the UV damage. The blushing technique promises to leave skin glowing like you just got home from the beach. It involves over-applying blush on the cheeks, nose, and forehead. This specific look is great as it provides that fresh-faced, sun-kissed look in minutes without the need to tan under the sun's harmful UV rays. If you’re someone who wants to attain a sun-kissed look without ever having to put your face in the sun, definitely give this trend a try.

Dramatic Eyes

Presently when it comes to makeup, a dramatic eye is a game-changer. We’ve seen a lot of shifts in trends over the last few years, from a simple natural look to heavy glam. We’ll look at a few different ways to draw attention to your eyes and take your makeup to the next level. Eyes have a lot of power, and when emphasized correctly, they may draw attention to the rest of your face. A dramatic eye can be achieved in a variety of methods, including blending the eyeshadow only at the end. This look essentially draws attention to your eyes, making them the most crucial feature of the complete makeup look.

Bold Brows

This trend has given rise to brow kits that have makeup products such as eyebrow pencils, gels, powders, and dedicated brushes. An often-underestimated facial feature that has become important in recent years is the eyebrow. The trend is to wear your eyebrows a little darker or fuller than you usually do. It can also help in drawing away attention from dark circles and naturally highlights your eyes. Shop at for more cosmetics.