A new season means a whole load of new makeup, right? As much as I love a good berry shade in winter, spring shades are always a nice change! The shades tend to get lighter along with the days and you can get away with a matte lip a bit more in spring because you don’t have to worry about the cold weather drying out your lips quite as much. There are so many ways to go, but here are my go-to spring shades for every occasion!

Pink is a good all-rounder, so it’s a good choice any time of the year but it just feels so much more relevant in spring! A nice pink lip - be it pastel or bold – can really perk up a look. It a great mood teller too (is that a word?) because a nice pastel can give quite a feminine look and a bold fuchsia radiates sass and lets people know you’re not to be messed with. Pink is a color that can be rocked all year, but for spring it’s the ultimate go-to!

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To me, purple lipstick is definitely a little more out-there. I personally love a good purple lip but it can sometimes be a bit hard to pull off! It’s definitely more of a statement look to be worn with a more neutral eye (bronze is a great pairing) and you need a good formula because if a bold lip starts wearing off it can get a little messy! Of course you can get lighter and darker shades of purple, so if your formula isn’t great or you feel like a vibrant purple might be a little too bold, juts go a little lighter or even find one with a bit of pink in it!

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Peach is definitely not a year-round color to me. It’s quite a light shade and I think it looks so much better against a tan! There are some gorgeous peach shades out there and they’re never too hard to find around this time of year. If you’re someone that still takes an abundance of makeup with you on vacation (don’t worry, I’m the same), peach is a lovely pairing with almost any outfit! Black, white, khaki, pink – you name it! It may not look as vibrant when autumn hits, so get some use out of your peach shades whilst you can!

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I love a good nude all year round. It’s my go-to for work where I don’t always want to be dressed up to the nines, but still want to look polished and professional! There are so many nudes out there with different tones, it can be hard to find the ‘perfect’ one sometimes but when you do, it’s perfect for your day to day look!

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Burnt Orange
Burnt Orange is another color that always makes a reappearance in spring! It’s a great transition colour for spring as it’s got the vibrancy of the orange but the burnt aspect tones it down a little bit, so if you’ve been rocking a bright red in winter, a burnt orange is a good colour to ease you into the lighter tones in summer! Like any other colour, you can get darker and lighter shades of burnt orange – so if you feel like it’s a little too deep you can always go a bit lighter!

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