Beauty is never defined by any specific beauty tip; beauty is a sense that you have about yourself, and some of the most beautiful women in the world wear makeup to enhance their beauty. Applying makeup on the face, such as lipstick or powder, in order to enhance or transform one's appearance. The primary goals of makeup are to improve or change our appearance and to raise our confidence. Makeup may be thought of as a tool for adding color or glitter to your face, but it is much more than that.

Becoming an influencer is trendy these days, but being the best in the beauty industry is really difficult. Every day, you must be inventive and distinct from everyone else. We've chosen the most popular celebrity influencers for you to follow. You'll be swept away by their astonishing feeds if you visit their social media profile.

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James Charles

Why follow: The most legendary influencer in fashion. He has 36.2 million followers on TikTok or Instagram and YouTube. His makeup tutorials are mesmerizing. He is the new icon in the makeup industry.

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Instagram- @jamescharles


Kylie Jenner

Why follow: She is one of the most talented celebrities we know in fashion. She has 372 million followers on Instagram. She started the lip makeup trend. In her first lip kit launch, it got sold out in two hours just promoting Instagram.

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Instagram- @kyliejenner


Selena Gomez 

Why follow: She is a singer, songwriter, actress, producer, and influencer. She has 354 million followers on Instagram, and last year she launched her makeup brand Rare Beauty and won many awards. In the rare beauty collection, she has the rare and darkest shades of color in her collection.

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Instagram- @selenagomez


Alex Demie

Why follow: The most stylish and amazing actress. Her style is unique from anyone else. She has 11.4 million followers on Instagram. Beauty brings life to her character in Euphoria, and you can not take away your eyes from her stunning beauty.

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Instagram- @alexademie



Why follow: She is a singer and many other things. Her makeup and hairstyle make a statement when she appears. She has 281 million followers on Instagram and 25.2 million followers on YouTube.

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Instagram- @beyonce


Kim Kardashian

Why follow: She is a media personality, socialite, and businesswoman. She first started her career as a stylist and fashion influencer. She is a single mom with four kids, but every time when she appeared in a fashion show or any event she looks stunning and gorgeous. She has 332 million followers on Instagram and she runs her own clothing company. She is an idea for every woman.

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Instagram- @kimkardashian


Matthew VanLeeuwen


Why Follow: He is a real veteran who has done the makeup of some of the most iconic people in the world, like Princess Diana, Cate Blanchett, Ellen Pompeo & Scarlett Johansson. He is an amazing personality with incredible makeup skills. He has 46.6k followers on Instagram.

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Instagram- @makeupmatthew


Lisa Eldridge

Why follow: Lisa Eldridge is one of the talented and well-known makeup artists. She does not just paint the faces of celebrities, but she creates art with passion. She has her own makeup brand and she has 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

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Instagram-  @isaeldridgemakeupl



Why follow: If you are not already following her you are missing out. She is the moment every time. She is a mother of a beautiful child and she has 137 million followers on Instagram. Her style is special and badass.

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Instagram- @badgalriri


Lady Gaga

Why follow:  She is a singer, actress, and fashion influencer. She has 12 Grammys and 53.4 million followers on Instagram. Every time her appearance is different from her last one. Her unique and attractive style always makes an astounding impression.

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Instagram- @ladygaga