Start with a clean base: It is very important to start with clean hair. Make sure it’s not dirty or doesn’t have a ton of products. You want to be working with hair that has been shampooed and conditioned well. 

Wash your hair a day prior: This tip is my personal favourite and was passed on by my hair stylist. Wash your hair at least a day prior to the “Big” event. This helps the products to work better.

Do not get hair cuts or try out new hair products on the day of the prom: This is very important and is an age old advice. Don’t experiment with your hair just a day before or on the day of the prom. Stick to what works for you. There are pages of Google filled with hair disasters on the day of the prom. Plan and execute it accordingly. The first stage of planning is looking for inspiration and then going to the experts to execute it.

Look at latest trends, magazines and celebrities for inspirations: Like mentioned in the previous point; Look for inspiration everywhere! It could be your favourite magazine, celebrity, the runway etc. Keep an eye and then get your hair stylist to work their magic on your tresses. Be sure to visit trusted stylists you don’t want to get things messed up.


Comfort First: Comfort might be the last thing on your mind when prepping for prom. But it can’t be stressed enough. It’s very important to be comfortable in whatever you choose to flaunt. Be it your hair or outfit. With so many options at disposal; choose something which is trendy yet comfortable.

Low Maintenance: Try wearing a hairstyle that is low maintenance, After all you don’t want to be in the ladies room fixing your hair at every move. Go with hair styles that you don’t have to focus on all the time on the prom.

Try these simple hairstyles yourself:  Here are some quick easy ones you can try yourself!