By doing a quick internet search I was able to determine that the average American Woman spends USD$ 2,000 annually on makeup and cosmetic products. $2,000 per year is an incredible amount of money considering that the US population has around 168 Million Women. Wow! That’s a massive amount of hard earned money spent on simple cosmetic products. Makeup is notably very expensive, not just from the statistics above, but also from diving into bigger and more well-known brands like Sephora and BH Cosmetics. Although makeup is an essential part of a portion of American Women’s daily routines, it does add up when looking at the numbers. Well, now there is an alternative, a more affordable cost with the same quality. My Makeup Brush (MBS) has been selling extremely useful cosmetic products at a lower cost than the blue chip names in the industry. Through incredible innovation and immense research & development, My Makeup Brush has created an outlet for women not looking or not interested in paying bigger costs for the same products! The team at My Makeup Brush is aiming to have less and less women breaking the bank over makeup purchases, and still remaining satisfied with a more affordable product of equal quality! 

To start off I will dive into a head honcho in the cosmetics industry, Sephora. By scanning the heavy-hitters main website, I was able to determine that their top selling makeup sets range anywhere from $33 to $170, quite a large jump. Most of these products are in the $45 to $60 range with few under a $35 price tag. In comparison, My Makeup Brush Set has a drastically lower price range concernings its 24 piece makeup brush sets, ranging from $19.99 to $29.99, boasting similar if not the same quality as the more costly Sephora brushes. With a large variety of choices, My Makeup Brush Sets 24 piece makeup specials are a must buy! For makeup gurus and enthusiasts out there, the beautiful array of choices that MBS offers top any competitor out there! Stop overpaying for the brand name, get the same quality and save yourself some money with affordable cosmetics like this amazing 10 Piece Marble Brush Set currently going for $15! 



Another extremely popular cosmetic company is BH Cosmetics. After viewing their primary website, I can see that their most notable products are their palettes. Currently in January 2021, BH Cosmetics is having a 50% off sale on select palettes, making their palettes prices look amazing. According to their best sellers and palettes catalogs respectively, prices can vary from $6 to $21 depending on the number of colours within the palette. Now you might be thinking, $6 for a palette is a great price, but you are only getting 16 options. Comparatively, MBS offers palettes ranging similarly from $5 to $20, the only difference is that on options over the 12 dollar mark, you can not only get a beautiful display of colours, you can receive up to 88 separate and gorgeous colours for the same price you would pay for around 20 options with BH Cosmetics. Now BH Cosmetics has a larger option of 42 options for $17, being the biggest threat for MBS. However, with more of a selection of large options to choose from, consumers can pay the exact same price and choose from a vast selection of 88 colour sets from MBS. Not only this but beautiful 28+ colour palettes for even better prices! Although BH Cosmetics has a beautiful selection of cosmetic items, MBS' prices just can’t be beat! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to upgrade your cosmetics arsenal! Enjoy products like this 10 Piece Professional Wood Brush Set now only $20!



After turning consumers' heads with its unbeatable prices, MBS has single-handedly created the most accommodative cosmetic lines on the market. MBS has made the cosmetic industry aware of their exceptional quality and unbelievable prices. If you are in the market for extraordinary makeup products look no further, MBS has everything you need to look stylish and beautiful on a daily basis. All the positives make MBS an up-and-coming beauty website that is sure to succeed and thrive! Competitors should keep an eye out for MBS and see what amazing things they have coming for 2021!



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