Guess what this upcoming weekend is? Mother’s Day! If you forgot, shame on you ;) But don’t worry because this blog post can definitely help you plan that special day ahead. Mother’s Day was never a day I really celebrated or did much aside from treating my mom to dinner, but for the past few years, I’ve really came to a realization how much my mom does for me on a day to day basis. So, the past few years, I would plan the day or the weekend with my mom, make sure she is having a good time, minimal stress, and just an overall happy day. In today’s blog post, I will be listing some things you can do for your mom this weekend. Some things might take a bit more planning and financial cost, but don’t worry, I have also listed some great activities you can do for your mom without the heavy planning and money.


What’s the best to wake up? Breakfast in bed, duh! Don’t know how to cook? Don’t you worry, because I can help. There are some really easy breakfast recipes that takes less than 30 minutes to cook up. Check this post out for some simple and unique breakfast in bed ideas.

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My all-time favorite is the mini egg frittata. They look fancy yet super easy to make, or if you aren’t an early bird, you can make these the night before and just heat them up the next morning. And I mean, if you just totally want to avoid the kitchen. Take your mom to brunch to start the day off fresh. There is nothing better than a good first meal to start the day!

Another super cute thing you can do for your mom is set up a mimosa bar, this is like a DIY cocktail bar. I have done this for a party before and my mom loved it. So if you are hosting a lunch for mother’s day or even a dinner, add this to your meal. It’s super easy to create and the guest simply have to pour the bubble, add juice and top it off with fruit for their very own mimosas. For more details and steps on how to create one check out.

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Pampering of course is something we can all take advantage of. I know my mom, and even me, can use a day of massage, facials and manicures. Every once a year or every two year, I love hitting up a fancy spa just to relax, kick back and enjoy the day. This can of course get a bit expensive especially if you are paying for two people. I highly recommend checking out your local Groupon site. I have found great massage discounts, as well as facials and manicures. If you browse often you might even score yourself a Groupon to the Four Seasons spa in Toronto. 


A few other suggestions that is really based on events happening in your town is enjoying live theater. Check out what is currently playing and see if you can score a pair of tickets. Another idea is going on a stroll at a local garden on the mall. I know, these two places are completely opposite of the spectrum, but really does depend on what your mom likes to do. Both of these activities have the key component of quality time with your mom. Additional suggestions includes: fruit picking at local farm, wine tour, city cruise, city helicopter, art exhibit, and lastly, do checkout local events happening especially for mother’s day. I know in Toronto, a lot of places host special events that’s dedicated for moms!