Hi Guys I’m back with a new topic.

This week I’m going to be giving you the top 10 ways to turn your day makeup to night makeup.  Who likes having to take off all of their makup up and starting over when you can just add a couple of changes and have a whole new look in minutes.


Tip 1


Darken your eye shadow! For a night look darker eye shadow is a staple to your night makeup look.  It adds the perfect finishing look for night, try going a couple shades darker than whatever your eye shadow is now.



Tip # 2

Darken your lip color! There’s nothing like a dark lip to go with your night look. The bolder the color ,the bolder the look. Try going with a color that will enhance the look you previously had.


Tip # 3

Add a cat eye to your day look it will help you transition into a sexy night look! A cat eye adds a sultry style to your day look!


Tip # 4 Add a highlighter to your face. It will help brighten up the look you had during the day!


Tip #5 Add lashes! They dramatize your look making you go from a natural day look to a bold night one.



Tip # 6 Add some blush to your look. A nice rosy cheek brightens your look and adds an extra element to it.


Tip #7  Finishing spray will make your night look complete. After you add your finishing touches do a light spray and enjoy your night!


Tip #8  Add a bronzer!  Bronzer can transform your natural day look to a really pretty night look. The contour look is so popular right now and perfect for night.


Tip  #9 Add mascara! They make your eyes look brighter and wider. Try using mascara that extends your lashes in case you don’t want to add faux ones!


Tip # 10 Just adding a smoke eye is always the easiest way to transform your look. It’s the perfect night look and the easiest way to transform!


What are some ways you transform your look?

Image from worthbydesign.com

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