Neon Eyes

Inspired by the Oscar de la Renta Spring show and Dua Lipa, neon eyes are super trendy! While the year has been quite glum so far, summer comes with warm weather and many opportunities for seeing loved ones. There’s no brighter way to show your happiness than with a neon eye look!

Heavy Blush

Strong blush has been trending recently for its romantic and over-the-top look. It also adds a touch of drama to any look! This makeup technique has been especially popular with “E-Girl Makeup”. Any strong, peachy blush is perfect for summer! Simply use any large powder brush from our brush collections to layer the blush onto your cheeks!

Graphic Liner

Graphic liner is the perfect futuristic and clean-cut makeup look! Although it might seem hard to pull off due to the amount of precision and clean edges necessary, this look can be achieved with practice and the right brushes. Any small detail brush from our brush sets can help you achieve this look!

Watercolor Eyelids

A traditional smoky eye requires you to blend out various shades of colors. Makeup artists are taking eyeshadow a step further by blending contrasting colors together to create a watercolor effect! This can be achieved with our brush set that includes various blending brushes! Use any of our eyeshadow palettes to find the watercolor shades of your dreams!

Stained, Glossy Lips

Stained, glossy lips are all the rage today as they give off a natural and dewy look. To achieve this look, pick any one of your favorite lip shades and apply it all over your lips. Then, take a darker lipstick shade and dab it into the center of your lip to create a gradient effect. Then go over with any clear gloss and you’re set!

Dewy Skin

Ever since the beginning of quarantine, natural makeup has been all the rage! Part of this looks requires a dewy skin look. This skin, paired with a warm bronzer and natural highlighter is all you’ll need this summer! Look through our skincare section to find your ideal products to keep your skin hydrated!

Orange Lips

One of this summer’s biggest trends is orange lips! It’s the perfect warm, yet bright pop of color for your face. Dotting a sheer, orange lipstick onto your lips will give you a natural and healthy glow!


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