Just because we're in quarantine, doesn't mean you can't enjoy doing your makeup for Easter! This is the time to celebrate with bright pastel colors and eggs. At My Makeup Brush Set, we strive to provide the highest-quality, affordable makeup and makeup tools. We sell anything from brush sets to blush palettes! Keep reading this blog to find out the 7 perfect looks for Easter 2021 and how to do them!

Rainbow Eyes

There’s no better way to hop into spring than a brightly-colored rainbow eye look! This is the perfect way to add a splash of color to your outfit. For a softer rainbow look, use our amazing blending brushes to apply the shadow to your lids and buff out the color! For a cut crease look, use our flat, round brush to carve out your eye makeup with a concealer!

White Eyeliner Look

The white graphic liner has been gaining popularity during 2021, and for good reason! It’s super modern and stylish. You can match it with any outfit. While this look might be tricky and require steady hands, with our brushes, you’ll be able to achieve it in no time! Use our small detail brush to create fine, detailed strokes on your eye.

Coral Easter Look

A coral eyeshadow suits all skin tones and is the perfect natural look! This eyeshadow look is great for adding some definition to your face! Use our flat, round brush to pack the color onto your lids, then a fluffy blending brush to blend out the edges. It’s so easy to achieve this soft look with our brush sets!

Pastel Blue Lids

Pastel colors are a staple when it comes to Easter, so these pastel blue lids will have you looking more festive than ever! Use a dense brush to pack on a glitter pigment to your eye and use a fluffy blending brush to soften out the edges with a light blue shade. Use a small detail brush to add a pop of highlight to the inner corners of your eyes. Now you’re all set for Easter!

Pastel Yellow Lids

These pastel yellow lids are just as festive as the pastel blue lids! They suit anyone with warm skin tones and add a gorgeous pop of color to your eye makeup. For a simple look, just pack on the yellow shadow to your lid and blend it out using a fluffy blending brush. For a more complex cut-crease look, use a flat brush to carve out your eyeshadow. You can use any dense brush to then pack on a glitter onto your eyelid!

Floral Look

Easter and spring mean one thing: the rebirth of nature! What better way to do this than paint flowers onto your eyes. While this complex look might seem daunting at first, it can be easily achieved with our brushes and a proper technique! Use our small detail brush to paint five dots in a circle, then add a different colored circle in the middle. Now you have a flower! Repeat this process as many times as you want and you’ll have a beautiful floral eye look.

Peachy Cheeks

Springtime is all about delicate looks and warmth. Bright-colored blushes are a great way to add warmth and color to your face, especially if you’ve used a high-coverage foundation as a base. For a matte look, try using our 10 Color Blush Palette. For a soft and dewy look, try our Baked Blush!


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