Want to find the perfect present for your mom but don’t know what to get her? Don’t worry because we got you covered! It is so easy to get caught up in the confusion and worry of not knowing what to get your loved one when there are a million things to choose from.  Now with the COVID-19 pandemic it has made going outside to shop and ask for advice even more difficult.   However, you have no need to worry because at My Brush Set, we have all that you are looking for. Makeup brushes are a great  investment as they are fundamental to any given makeup look. Treat a person you love this Mother’s Day by checking out the Mother’s Collection of our high quality makeup brushes that are easy to carry around and use. 
Below are some ideas to give your mom or any loved one this Mother’s Day that will help make a massive difference in their makeup routine!


The first recommendation we would like to make is the 24 Piece Jet Black Brush Set, which is an all time staple! This makeup brush set comes with all that you need to slay your beauty routine on a daily basis. This collection consists of 24 different brushes that are carefully crafted to be used on every aspect of your face.  They are 100% synthetic and cruelty free.  This makeup set also comes with its own carrying case which makes life much more convenient by making traveling way easier.  This Mother’s Day surprise your loved one with a holy grail of a makeup set that is a must have for all makeup lovers out there!


The second recommendation for the ideal present this Mother’s Day is our high quality and unique 10 Piece Black and Gold Oval Brush Set.  This makeup brush set is a life saver and signature that helps to perfect one’s blending and ability to contour.  As you can tell, these brushes are not your typical makeup brushes. They are purposely built like a “toothbrush” to help increase efficiency and perfect your beauty routine.  These brushes guarantee perfection and ultimate coverage by making the application process much easier. This set will include 10 different 100% synthetic and cruelty free makeup brushes.  These makeup brushes come with long lasting and heavy duty handles and are promised to hold their shape with no bristle fall out which will ultimately help waste less makeup.


The third recommendation that we have for you guys, that will make a flawless Mother’s Day present is the 7 Piece Brush Set in Round CaseThis makeup brush set consists of 7 unique brushes that is perfect for beginners and people who may not be that familiar with makeup. These makeup brushes are 100% synthetic and cruelty free as well and can be bought in three different colours. This set has everything that you need for everyday makeup use and also comes with a cute portable round makeup case, which ultimately helps you to stay organized and efficient.  Go on and grab this set right away and enjoy the makeup journey that is ahead of you! 

Next we have the 24 Piece Wooden Master Brush Set, which is a gorgeous foundational piece that will help you to work on many different aspects of your face. This makeup set has everything you need and more to help you have a perfect makeup look! The set contains 24 Piece Wooden synthetic bristle makeup brushes that are cruelty free and ideal for any makeup look you are interested in trying out.  Make this Mother’s Day memorable by buying this for your loved one and making their day and makeup routine, ten times better! 

The last recommendation for the best Mother’s Day present is the 10 Piece Mini Travel Kabuki Brush SetThis makeup brush set is designed to help apply makeup evenly across your skin and helps to give a flawless skin finish.  Just like all our makeup brushes, this set is also cruelty free and made up of 100% synthetic bristles. the  10 Piece Mini Kabuki Brush Set is all you really need when you're on the go and with its aesthetically pleasing carrying case, it makes traveling even more fashionable and convenient.

This brings us to the end of this blog post, the 5 makeup brush sets discussed were just a few of the many that are available on My Brush Set. Make this Mother’s Day memorable by heading over to our website and placing an order now!

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