Blush and illuminator are two of my favourite routine in my make-up routine.  Different blush shades for different makeup is important depending on how bright of a look you are aiming for. It can be very expensive to have a collection, especially if you don’t know what shades and type to get. Today, I will be talking about the top 5 must-have blush for this Summer. I will be covering a cream blush, a travel friendly blush brush, a cheek palette, a cheek tint, and my favourite blush compact.


  1. I have had a phase where I only wore cream blush. I am definite that NYX rouge cream blush is one of the best. The shade that I repeatedly use is natural. I find that if you use a tint along with a blush, I tend to stick with a more neutral colour.


What I love about this product is how well it blends together and the texture is so smooth. The glow is on point if you blend it correctly. It lasts all day even without a finishing spray. This line of cream blush is perfect for beginners, the opacity of the blush can be easily regulated for the perfect desired look. Plus, the price is a bit cheaper than other brands, which is always a good thing! (Image: Joy’s Cosmetics)



  1. Benefit Cosmetic has never disappointed; it is one of my top brands (despite the price being a bit more expensive). However, I was a bit disappointed with Benetint. I found this tint didn’t last as long as the other brands I have tried. I am not sure if it has to do with the “two in one” product – lipstain and cheek tint. But never the less, it still made it to this list because all the other brands I have tried haven’t top this. The colour of the product goes so well with my cream blush.


The product is liquid (it reminds me of wine), and it smells very nice, like sweet rose scent. What I usually do is place three dots horizontally across my cheek and then using a beauty blender I blend it through. It subtly freshen my face altogether but in a very natural way. If I want to keep my face fresh looking, I do have to reapply mid-day, but most of the time I don’t.

One of the biggest reason I haven’t replaced this product with another one is because how perfect the tint colour is and the way it blends very nicely. Hopefully the formula will change up for a more lasting stay. (Image:


  1. I got this as a gift two birthdays ago, and I take it everywhere with me. The Japonesuqe Travel Blush brush is perfect, minus the price. I don’t think I have ever seen this on sale, it’s around $37-40 but the quality of the product is quite worth. It makes applying blush very easy and the shape of the brush is optimal for applying the powder. The brush is super soft, and it picks up the right amount of pigment. It blends very smoothly, plus it is super easy to carry around.


  1. NARS Foreplay Cheek Palette is the bomb. I got it a few months ago and this is the first NARS product which I fell in love with. The selection of colours is great, and it also has a highlighting pigment. They are easier to wear colour for a pale skin tone, but also for tanned skin tone too. Orgasm pigment particularly gives a very subtle golden highlight along with the shade of neon pink - it is so easy to use. Definitely a great start to experimenting with different shades of blush.




  1. Choosing a top blush compact was very difficult. I don’t even know where to begin, I alternate between so many different blushes. But all in all, my most replaced blush has to be MAC Sheertone Blush in Blushbaby. This blush is moderately pigmented given it a versatile of uses. It is very natural, but giving a stunning flush at the same time. The colour can be easily mixed along with other colours. When using this product try sheering it with your fingers, it really helps out. This blush can also bring out the natural, no makeup-look, if done correctly. (Image: