Earlier last week I got my very first GenBeauty ticket for the conference in Toronto on May 14 and 15. If you are in Toronto and want to head over this weekend, it is not too late to pick up your tickets too; head over to: http://genbeauty.com/. It is GenBeauty’s first time in Toronto! If you are in the USA, they are having a conference later in September in New York. I will be writing a blog post after the event, on what I have achieved, how my experience was, lots and lots of pictures, and the magic question – would I attend again next year.



I got my ticket at regular rate because this was a pretty last minute decision, it costed me a total of $210. There is also the option of pioneer rate and early bird rate in which you can purchase your tickets prior. Pioneer rate is around $63 and early bird rate is around $100. For the pioneer rate, the ticket have to be purchased way ahead of time (I am not too sure how early, but I think for IPSY subscribers they get an email notification). For IPSY subscribers there are often discount codes around that can give you up to 50% off ticket price.

So, for those of you who don’t know what GenBeauty is, it stands for Generation Beauty. 

It is a two day conference where all the top makeup brands create a convention with leading online beauty and fashion creators. A few YouTube MUA including: Chrisspy, Christen Dominique, Desi Perkins, LustreLux, Jaleesa Moses, Karen Yeung, and many more will all be there! I have recently been following RachhLoves and I love her YouTube videos, so I am looking forward to meeting here there. Check out the picture of Michelle Phan and a fan!! (IMAGE: https://ryanbyryanchua.com/tag/genbeauty/)


This event is set up to learn, explore and connect. I have been reading up on other 

blogger's experiences in different States (LA and NYC) and they seem to have really enjoyed it. They have different booths from the different makeup brands, a few including: SmashBox, Too Faced, Makeup For Ever, NYC, Benefit, Tarte, Ardell, and the list goes on and on and on. They set up booths to sell products and also to promote their newest products. So I can’t wait to learn more about what a few of my favourite lines are coming out with. (IMAGE: http://lovejunkiibeautique.blogspot.ca/2015/10/generation-beauty-ny-2015-experience.html)


 With the ticket purchase, everyone receive a swag bag, which includes lots of samples. During the convention, there will also be lots more offered around the booths. There are lots of makeup artist around to do your makeup with their products, nail bar and a photo booth! I have also heard the lines are extremely long and that comfy clothes are recommended. I am planning on attending with leggings, my new pair of Nike runners, and a cute top and cardigan. I am also planning to bring my tote purchase, in case there are other things to carry around. The morning of, I will probably avoid doing too much makeup so I have a fresh face to try out all the new products there.


This event is suited for all types of beauty lovers. On their site they obviously recommend stylists, who are just starting out their new brand. It is a great way to connect with other people and promote their brand. Beauty lovers (that's me!), it is an excellent way to learn new tricks and tips from professionals. Improving on makeup tips and finding new products is simply, never ending. There will also be lots of network exec and freelance producers there!

I have attached a few pictures of the previous GenBeauty conventions from other blogs. Hope you get an idea of how the GenBeauty in LA and NYC went. Fingers crossed that the one in Toronto will be just like it. Keep an eye out for the blog post next week! I can’t wait to share with you guys what I learned from GenBeauty and how it went for me! Let me know if you have been to GenBeauty and what you favourite thing to do was J I am so excited!! (IMAGE: http://cheapsocialworker.blogspot.ca/2015/06/generation-beauty-2015-review.html)