It has been so long since I got my nails done! When I got assigned to this blog post, I almost felt that I was so out of the loop with the latest trends. Ever since I got back to school, my nails actually look so gross. I think throughout this semester, I had my nails done once, and by like day three, they started chipping. Somewhere between being mad about my chipped nails and stress from school, I splurge and bought a new UV gel kit. It’s currently sitting at home, yet to be touched. My fingers are crossed to see the result of gel nails, and I can’t wait to update you on it!

For now, in today’s blog post, I will pick up a few of my favorite nail polish picks for this season. Plus, I will also talk a bit about my favorite and least favorite nail polish brands.

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About a year ago, I picked up my very first gel polish kit – Le Mini Macaron. My logic was that a gel manicure cost at least $30 at the salon, so what was the harm in trying a gel kit for $35. Le Mini Macaron is an affordable and portable gel manicure kit. It is inspired to shape like the French dessert, Macarons. It takes me approximately 30 minutes to get a full set of nails done. In their demo video, it definitely looks a whole lot easier. If I have the time to do my nails but no patient to wait for them to dry, this is my go-to. Otherwise, the one—finger thing takes a little too long for my liking. Hence, my newest full gel kit I recently bought.


Check out LMM new spring colours - 

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Before actually using UV light, I was using the Deborah Lippman gel lab pro nail polish. I really like this formula of nail polish because it works like regular nail polish, but it last longer and glossier. I also really like their bristle in comparison to other nail polishes. I later found out that their brush is called the contour brush, designed for even coat and smooth finish. The tip is also round to match the nail shape.

I am so obsessed with the new line of butter London colors for 2017. If you didn’t know, what I love about Butter London is that their polishes are nontoxic, with a 10-in-1 formula. Here are a few of my favorites, check them all out: 

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Moving on to a few bad nail polishes that I never had a great experience with, not prone to repurchase are: Sally Hansen, Revlon, Orly and OPI. To be fair with OPI, I only have 5 bottles, so I am not the best one to judge. I guess I am more of an Essie girl than OPI. Sally Hansen and Revlon are more drugstore brands that are fairly cheap, so I am not extremely disappointed with their results. Orly, however, was a brand I discovered via my glossybox, and I had such high hopes for it. Unfortunately, it was no good, and chipped within a day or so. Also adding in, not a big fan of CND nail polishes either. I got to try this via a the Chickadvisor show half a year ago. I was surprised by all the colors they have, but again, it’s not a long-lasting one for me!

I am going to close off the blog post with some Spring nail design inspiration –

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