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10 Ways to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Nails have come a long way, from polish lacqur, fancy custom, gel, and made press on to fancy stickers. 79% of women still love to have their favorite colors and paint their nails. But if you can’t afford a trip to your local nail salon, here are ten ways to make your polish stay longer.


  • Clean your nails-

Remove all nail polish from your nails with nail remover. Even if you don’t have any one it’s best to start with a clean foundation. Soak, buff, and file. The same technique they use at the salon.

  • Push back your Cuticles-

This also helps the polish stay on longer, why? Because polish can get into them, pushing the polish up making it look clunky and messy.


  • Use a sticky base coat-

This makes the polish last longer and I see it mostly used in a few nail salons as well. Make sure to also double the coat on the tip of your nails. That’s where most of the chipping occurs.

  • Thin layers-

Apply nail polish in thin layers, thick layers tend to come off.

  • Roll not shake-

To avoid air bubbles, roll the polish between your hands.


  • Cool air-

Dry your nails with cool air to avoid a blow dryer. Hot heat tends to make your polish “look” dry.


  • Bring your own polish-

If you do decide to go to the salon to get your nails done, bring your own bottle of polish. Salons use thinners and it causes bubbles and peeling.

  • Cuticle oil-

To avoid further chipping and etc, apply the cuticle oil (once your nails have dried) around the base of the nails.


  • Care-

Wash your hands with mild soap instead of sanitizer, it tends to remove the top coat/base coat.

Wash dishes with gloves on.

Stop soaking your nails, it causes the nail to absorbs water, expanding the natural shape.


  • Have fun-

Apply a base coat once every three days over your set of nails. This keeps it from chipping and also gives a gloss effect to your nails.

If your nails grow, add a funky color to apply as a French tip.

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