As women we have become slightly obsessed with keeping our nails up to par, but for good reason. Who likes ugly nails? We spend countless hours every year sitting in nail shops waiting for our favorite nail artist to work their magic! Now I want to give you some tips on how to keep those nails beautiful on your own!

Tip # 1: There is this myth that we need to cut our cuticles and it’s actually completely false! Stop cutting your cuticles! You need them as a barrier between skin and nails. Cutting your cuticles also leads to risk of infection and getting bacteria in the area!

Tip # 2: Avoid the over use of pure acetone. It is actually pretty harsh on your hands and nails. If you HAVE to use it, try not to let your fingers soak in it for to long!

Tip # 3: Before you polish, get a cotton ball pour a little vinegar on it and go over your nails with it. It helps keep your polish on longer!

Tip # 4: You might not realize this but wearing polish actually protects your nails from the harshness of the world. It’s an extra layer that’s helping protect your nails. So spend 30 minutes on a slow Sunday painting your nails, it’s so worth it.

Tip # 5: When painting your nails always remember to polish in thin layers using small strokes. This way you get a nice even polished nail. Your nail will also dry faster this way.

Tip # 6: Always apply a top coat to your nail polish. It helps it last longer and gives it an amazing finished look!

Tip # 7:Remember when people are looking at your nails they are also checking out your hands. Make sure you always keep them clean and moisturized.

Tip # 8: Try not to keep dark color polish on your nails for long periods of time! It actually turns your nails yellow. So not cute!

Tip # 9: If you notice that your nails break rather easily it can mean that you do not have enough calcium in your diet. You can easily fix that by consulting with your physician and figuring out the best method to take. You can also add biotin to your diet, consult with your physician first.

Tip # 10: Always stay on trend with your polish colors. You can open up any Vogue, Cosmo, or Essence magazines and find out the hottest colors of the season!


I hope this helped you along your quest to gorgeous nails!

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