One of the biggest reason why I love Christmas is because of all the presents under the tree (many of which I buy myself). I also love spending time and thinking what to get for all my friends and family. Makeup is usually my go-to because every store you go to, there is always some type of gift-pack that’s perfect for my BFF. Most of the time, I end up getting a gift-pack for myself too, because for some reason all these gift sets tend to convenience me that I need this product too. In today’s blog post, I will show you five of my top gift ideas relating to the lips that is perfect for either your friend, sister, colleague or even for yourself!

Don’t know what they want? There is a reason why Sephora Favorites sets are always a gem! One of my favorite sets to give to friends and colleagues is the Give Me Some Nude Lip. You can never really go wrong with the color nude, and this set will give them a few different ones to try out. It features the prefer nude lip look, with five deluxe sizes and one full size. It’s also a mix of lipstick, gloss, and plumper to help them find the perfect nude hue they are looking for! Not to mention it comes in this super cute box.

Looking for a cute stocking stuffer? Look for the EOS holiday collection near you! Every year EOS have a holiday gift set that includes three limited edition lip balm. This year’s trio collection is featuring the Peppermint Moca, Sparkling Ginger and Vanilla Bean lip balm spheres. I have seen them at Walt-Mart for around $10 each. During the winter time, the air gets especially dry, meaning you can’t use too much lip balm!

This lip balm set is bound to wow whoever is receiving it. I remember when jelly and transparent lipsticks first came out and how excited I was to try it. I also snapchatted it and everyone thought it was the coolest thing. This set of lip balm is not only transparent but have like a 3D flower in the middle. I love how they aren’t super tinted, but do give off a little bit of color, making it the perfect use for an everyday-wear.

I used to be super duper obsessed with Bite Beauty. Their lippies are to die for! I still love their brand but I am not as crazy as I was before. I recently found their lip exfoliating kit and really saw a great result. If you know anyone who is looking for some extra lip care consider the Bite Beauty Agave Kisses Set. The name of the kit totally reminds me of a cup of tea with agave from David’s Tea. Not only does agave taste good but it also has the power to exfoliate, treat and hydrate lips through its scrip, lip mask and lip balm.

If you have a friend who is head over heels for matte liquid lipstick check out this Special Edition of matte liquid lipsticks featuring six different shades. There is a perfect shade for all kind of occasions, including parties, work, everyday wear and even a girl’s night out!