February is here, that means we are in full swing for 2018. I can already feel that this year is going to speed by super quick. As this month begins, I have some predictions on some of the biggest makeup trends for this upcoming few months. Every year we see something bigger, better, smarter or even crazier, this year is no different with someone super exciting makeup movements that you will probably add to your daily routine.

 Glitter is getting more sparkly and even glitzier than 2017. At this point, I am not even talking about the highlighter glow but actual rhinestones, sequins and gems. As seen on runways, there is some indication of applying a bit of sparkle to the face as a statement piece. I remember before I saw this trend blossomed on the runway, I first saw it at a local music festival in a few years back. I fell in love with sticking rhinestones on my face and literally have been doing this for every music festival I go to. Low key, I gem my face with whatever excuse I have, like St. Patrick’s Day or Homecoming. if you are going to try this out, remember to let the glue sit on your face for at least 20-30 seconds before moving it. This way it will get tacky and does not fall in the middle of your day. 

 Although rhinestones are making its way into our lives but does not mean that highlighting glow is going away any time soon. In fact, it’s just getting brighter. With so many amazing highlighters on the market, its so hard to choose which one may compliment you the best. I suggest something that channels your undertones. If you are a pink undertone try a pearlescent highlighter, if you are bronze and warm undertone, a pure gold highlighter will bring out all your features. This golden & holographic highlighter trend was spotted on bloggers, editors, and celebs,  And now, you can replicate too.

 Last year lash lifting, and lash salons was becoming a monthly habit. Although I am not denying that’s going away any time soon, but a new lash trend has been spotted. Retro clumpy, twiggy lashes are back on the runway, and it’s making a comeback. This look works great with a more natural makeup look. This way the lashes are bolder and making more of the statement. The plastic applicator/bristle and a thick formula work best to create this look. Think volume when you are trying this out.  More, more and more volume.

Although 2017 was all about the liquid lips, 2018 is looking promising for the traditional well and loved lipstick (a bolder, and more kickass kind). The market is full of creamy and smooth formulas and this kind of lipstick is usually the best if you are looking for ultra pigmented lipstick, not to mention nourishing. With that said, keep your nude lipsticks and lip-gloss around because they are definitely here to stay for another year! 

What other trends do you predict will be around for 2018?