We always want to know whats the new thing in beauty, well some of us just want to perfect the habits we already know! Below are a few beauty techniques for eyes that will change your beauty routine forever! 

  1. Want big eyes?! There are beauty tricks and techniques for this aside from just applying a thousand coats of mascara. Use two of your favorite mascaras together, one that provides volume & the other that provides length! Your lashes will finally get the attention they deserve!
  2. Try investing in nude eyeliner and use it on your bottom lashes & waterline instead of black eyeliner. This will not only make you look awake, but will also make your eyes look bigger & will be less harsh than a traditional stark white eyeliner.
  3. Another trick to make your mascara last longer and get rid of annoying clumps is to dab petroleum jelly on your lashes prior to applying your first coat of mascara. This will help with separating your lashes and will avoid any clumps! 
  4. This is an odd beauty technique for under eye circles yet an effective one. Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes can be a dread. Trying multiple different product might not do the same trick as potato slices (yes potatoes). This trick works with cucumber slices as well if you aren't into potatoes. This provides a cool affect for your under eye circles and overtime decreases the dark tiredness. The key is to use thin slices; apply it over your eyes for about ten minutes. This will help get rid of your eye circles. It also lightens your skin, causing the darker color to fade overtime with effective use. 
  5. Another eyeliner failing on you? Ever experience a flimsy liner and when you put it on, it just crumbles off and leaving specks on your face? Trust me, we have all been there! Try leaving your liquid eyeliner in the freezer for 15 minutes before you apply it to your face. It will help glide along your lash line seamlessly & smoothly! 

Give our eye beauty techniques a try & let us know what you think in the comments below!