Disappointment sucks, so in today’s blog post I will save you the glory of going through the disappointment and get right to the products that were hyped and it is actually worth the hype. I get most disappointed through hypes in restaurants or new dessert place. There is this cheesecake café in Downtown, Toronto call Uncle Tetsu (s/o to those in Toronto, you probably know what I am talking about). When it first opened up, for over half a year, people would line up to get one… but even if you read on Yelp, the reviews are nothing more than average. At one point a local who had a perfect view of the line even started a Twitter page dedicated to reporting the length of the line (https://twitter.com/tetsulineup). I ended up trying it, def not worth my time and $15. So lesson learnt, reviews on the internet is (sometimes) or in the case, very true. So without further ado, here are the products I promise you won’t be disappointed with.

Better than Sex Mascara by Too Faced: I have bought this mascara maybe 13 times. The price, well although it's no drugstore price, almost triple that, the result is no where close to the other mascaras. The want of the brush is unique and with no more than two coats I get the full length, volume and boldness of false-looking lashes. I promise you, it makes your lashes SO define. The formula isn't too wet; the consistency is so perfect in a brand new tube (I love starting a new tube mascaras). TIP: since the brush is hourglass like, it is important to wipe the edge off the tube to ensure that no clumping is to occur.


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BeautyBlender: If you don't have one at home, you are seriously missing out. Don't doubt this size of this thing, it creates magically things. Here is the thing, I have tried knock-offs or different brands of similar looking sponge for blending, nothing compares to the real thing. This is because the BeautyBlender has a sharer pointed to making it easier to reach every angle of the face (I'm talking about parts like the inner corner of the eye). Don't think of it as a $20 sponge, think $20 do-it-all for smooth blending. TIP: keep it in a contained box when not using it will make cleaning easier.

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I got my first Clarisonic a year and half back, a few months later, I got the whole family Clarisonic. I recently upgraded to the Clarisonic Smart Profile and it is the best thing that my skin has ever touched. I use the original head it comes with and there is the most improvement on my t-zone. The brush does a great job with buffing away the dry skin and getting rid of the excessive oil throughout the day. It really does help with clogged pores and moderate acne. Cheers to soft clear skin.

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Urban Decay Naked Palette, it has been hype for way too long. And it is worth it. The twelve colours of pigment start you off with a great base and ends you with the perfect blend. The pigments are all so complementary. The is perfect for highlighting the crease, creating the perfect glow of shimmer. The dual end brushes that comes along with it is perfect for blending and the details. TIP: use it right with primer and it will last you all day long - true UD style.

One more to close the blog post off, is the Smashbox Photofinishing Primer. This product has been hyped but not super hype, but fairly well known. And it is the bomb. It gives a perfect matte start to the face. It leaves your face super soft and smooth. None of that glossy, oily stuff. Keep away from the Smashbox Primer Oil thing, that product literally does the complete opposite of this – blog post on product NOT worth the hype is soon to come!

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