Last week I wrote a blog posts on a few of products that are definitely worth the hype, and I hope you had a chance or will give a few of those products a try. Today’s blog post will be on a few products I have tried and found that it is not really worth the hype. I found that these products are not worth the price or not as a good as a product as advertised. These products seem to not work for me, however it might work great on some others. I did do a bit of research for this article, and found that others don’t find the products that good either. So do keep an eye out before trying out these products.  

Lip Plumper: this lip treatment has been around for a year or so, and it is designed (or marketed) to instantly give your lips fuller and more plumped. A lot of the different brands advertised its formula to give instant fullness and/or naturally makes your lip more plumped over time/ long-term enhancement. I tired the Glamglow Plumprageous matte lip treatment, that says it will prep the lips for color and create a visibly fuller look. I didn’t it do much of the enlarging them. None of the plumping treatment. I have also heard that some find products like this to be stinging and dry out your lips. So, be careful with the formulas used.

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Benefit They’re Real Push Up liner: don’t get me wrong, I love the Benefit line. The mascara is one of my favourite. However, after trying the same series of eyeliner, I was very disappointed. I have read blog posts on how great the liner is, but definitely did not do justice for me. I find that my brush and gel liner works better than this. Firstly, the tip and design of the point, is not capable of making a fine thin line. Secondly, the tip comes out too much than expected, it is hard to control. Overall, this is a alright product, not worth the price and probably wouldn’t buy it again. 

3D Fiber Lashes Mascara: I tried this by Younique and it was way too flaky for my liking. It did make my lashes a tad longer than normal mascara but it is too messy to use because of the flakes. This mascara costed about $45, more than a Too Faced product. The thing is, once applied, it looks good. But within a few minutes, the fibers start falling all over. For someone wearing contacts, this is brutal (I have to end up taking out my contacts and go through the whole cleaning process). False lashes are definitely the better way to go in a situation like this. (Image:   

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Another mascara I am highly disappointed with is the Makeup Forever newest “4D” mascara. It markets via the 4D technology which is a micro defining wax complex envelopes the lash surface for faraway impact and up close precision – whatever that means, it is a load of fancy terms that works the same as any other mascara. Heads up, not worth the $30.


 Just a few of my suggestions on these products. Do you agree? Disagree?