I love going out on New Year Eve with friends and family and celebrate a fresh, new start. It’s that time of year where I can wear a bit of sparkle and glitter without going all out. There is pretty much no rules on NYE, you can either keep it on the down-low or go all out. You can’t be too overdressed or too under dressed.

It is always nice to feel and look the best on the first night of 2018. Whatever you are up to on Dec 31st 2017, give these makeup look a try. In this blog post, I have listed makeup ideas including some bold looks and some sophisticated glam looks aswell.

No new year kiss? Grab your favorite red lipstick. I’m joking, whether you are expecting a kiss or not, give this look a try. Whenever I wear a bold lipstick, I try to minimize or even ditch any crazy accessories. If you do it right, red lips suffice with nicely done brows and subtle contouring. For the eyes, a few coat of mascara that will plump your lashes without leaving them too dramatic. If you wish, a light coat of neutral eye shadow, with a hint of shine would keep it calm.This is up for a whole other blog post but recommend something that will make your lips pop, as this is what this look is all about! Alternatively, another look that plays on with the lip is going for Bordeaux lips instead of the bold red lips. Look for your favorite velvety garnet lipstick plus an inky undertone for a deeper type of red. For a look like this I recommend adding lip liner to it to create a fuller lip shape.

Keeping it neutral but lash-ful. Why not start the new year off with new lashes? Drop by your local lash bar for a new set of lash extension. This will get your lush lashes game on. A full set of lash can go along with with minimal makeup. For this look, we are trying to get more attention on the eye but in a more natural way. Try adding peachy pastel colors to the face instead. Also, if you are not down for a new lash set, a temporary false lashes for the night will do the same job!

Another great makeup look you can go for is the star gaze smoky eyes look. There are tons and tons of tutorial for the smoky eye look. Some people tend to be more drawn towards the black shades for the smoky eye look, but it doesn’t necessary have to be this way. I tend to find that black is a bit harsh so I go for more of the grey, indigo and purple blend. I work with the angled brush and apply it on the crease and lower lash line. Highly recommend playing around with different color blends that best suits you. Finish the look with a neural matte lippie and a coat of mascara.

If you aren’t ready to try a whole other look out for New Year this small touch will change up your style. Colorful Eyeliner! I first saw this while reading Cosmopolitan the other day and have been thinking about trying it out ever since. I am debating if I should for the upcoming holiday party or for New Years. Essentially it’s simply adding a rich jewel tone on the lower waterline.There are so many different options to ones to choose from too.