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Everything You Need To Know About Lashes This Holiday Season

Everything You Need To Know About Lashes This Holiday Season


The idea of putting on false lashes will seem like a piece of cake. I remember years ago, when I was ready to try false lashes, I watched endless YouTube tutorials and thought, “this is easy, I can do this every day before I go to class”. The day came when I got my first set of falsies for the first day of class. I woke up early and had plenty of time for makeup. I spent almost an hour trying to get my lashes in place. I ended up leaving this house with minimal makeup, and unfortunately no new lashes.

Fast forward a few years later and many, many practices, proud to say that I can apply these lashes in less than 5 minutes – flawless. The process of buying, gluing and applying false lashes can be challenging and even frustrating. In today’s blog post I will be going over a few tips and trick on getting your false lashes on fleek.

What Type of Lashes?

First things first, is to choose the type of lashes you want to use. The first pair I got in high school was a drugstore-quality pair from drugstore. It was ok, I didn’t really know between the different types. The first high-end set of lashes I got was from MAC for a dance show. I was looking for something a bit more dramatic. The fiber on the lashes are more spiked and make my eyes appear wider, along with longer and fuller volume.

Upon other research throughout the year, I have settled for mink lashes. I find that mink lashes or faux mink are usually thinner and give a more natural look. Since I wear false lashes a few times a week during work, I aim for a subtler look that blends in with my lashes. I also find them to be more comfortable than silk lashes. I am all about faux-mink lashes because it’s cheaper and more humane.

 Silk and acrylic is also another popular choice. They are usually perfect for a short-term wear, like an evening event. These lashes are thicker and fuller, plus they tend to be a lot curvier. I would definitely say they aren’t as comfortable as mink lashes.

 Another type I have recently started playing around with are individual lashes. I would actually highly recommend these to beginners are they are easy to practice with. I usually apply it with foundation and eyeliner. And attach it to my upper lash line. Depending on how much volume I want, I would extend to the middle of the lid. These are also really fun because you can mix and match different lengths to get the most ideal length and volume you want

 Applying Lashes

I highly recommend watching YouTube tutorials to perfecting the applying process. Although, I have to admit, for myself, practice was the key to learning. The first few times can be frustrating but it gets easier. Here are a few tips and tricks I have found super helpful.

  • If you wrap the false lashes a few times and make it into a circle to make it curve more, it will be easier to apply.
  • If your hands to too shaky, a pair of tweezers can go a long way
  • Don’t cheap out on the glue at the two ends of the lashes, if anything put more!
  • Apply the glue to your lash line instead of the false lashes.
  • Use your skin lid to hide the lash band

 If all fails, I have a friend who uses eyelash applicator and she finds it to be sure helpful! I would recommend looking into one of those! 

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