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Best Waterproof Makeup

Whether it’s a date night to see a soppy film, a day out at the waterpark or, you know, you’re just one of those people whose eyes seems to stream all the time (I’m with you there) – everyone needs some good waterproof makeup! Most brands seem to have at least a waterproof version of something in their collection, and here are the ones I find to be the best!

You’re more likely to come across a waterproof mascara than anything else and you can find them pretty much anywhere. They all seem to work to a certain extent but I believe the best way to go is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara. Granted, the blue packaging isn’t quite a cute as the pink original version, but it works and it gives you the same definition as the original version! Sometimes waterproof mascaras can lose the volume and length because it’s main purpose is the be waterproof (if that makes sense) so if you’re after a waterproof mascara that holds up it’s claims –this is the one for you!

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Whether you’re obsessed with eyebrows or think that people pay too much attention to them, you can’t deny that they complete define your face. So the last thing you want is to be caught up in a storm and come out brow-less, right? This is one that I’ve definitely locked down, even without waterproof products! I used the NYX Tame & Frame gel in Chocolate and then set it with a clear brow gel (the brand doesn’t really matter, they all do the same job) and voila! You could send me through a car wash and I’d come out the other end with my brows intact, these babies are going nowhere.

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I’ve never come across a waterproof foundation or concealer myself but there are ways the strengthen them and keep them in place, one of those being a good primer. I use the Benefit Porefessional to create a solid base for my foundation – it doesn’t exactly make it waterproof but it’s a lot less likely to wash off!

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Setting Spray
A setting spray does a similar job to the primer, but it goes at the end of your routine instead of the beginning, and using both gives you pretty impressive results! With a good primer you get a solid base to start off your look, and the setting spray locks it all in at the end – so if you’re hitting the pool be sure to lock it in afterwards! I personally use the Makeup Revolution Oil Control spray to keep my oiling skin at bay.

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This is another one where they aren’t technically ‘waterproof’ but transfer-proof is pretty much the same thing! Most of the time, the main lipsticks that don’t transfer are mattes (you might get the occasional satin or gloss but matte is your best bet). I personally love the Kylie Lip Kits, Colourpop Ultra Mattes or NYX Lingerie lipsticks for all-day wear. They’re completely transfer proof (providing you don’t cover them in grease) and I’ve had a Kylie Lip Kit last a full 16 hours of eating and drinking before! Any of these are your best bet at keeping your lips in top shape all day!

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